April 09


Welcome back to another day in sunny Tel Aviv. I most probably already told you this: If you never been here, you missed out on something amazing! Just saying………

The scaff platform in the far upstage area is being built today. This platform will host the lighting PDU’s, video racks and winches. It also allows us to have a 2 meter wide and 3 meter tall walkway between SR & SL under it.

The tracks for the revolves are installed.

And we have started to put on the revolves too. The truss frame on top is put in as support for the video walls we’ll put on top of the revolves.

The size of the frame gives you a pretty good indication of how massive these 12 revolving panels will be once they are done. Should have some pictures of the first panels for tomorrow’s update, so stand by for awesomeness!

The Irgunit crew is busy with putting the final finish on the Prism legs.

The stage platform arrived today as well. But we can’t start building that in another couple of days since we are waiting for the lost ship with the super structure for the triangles. The triangles must be built before we can start building the stage.

We also started building the structure that will host our commentator boxes today. There was, funny enough, a missunderstanding with the deadline for Delegations to order their commentator boxes. So we actually don’t know how many we need to build! Oh well…………..

The adventure continues tomorrow!

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