April 04


Hejsan Hejsan! Another report from the glamour bubble in Tel Aviv!

Say HELLO the happy side of our contest team. Our viewing room director Marvin Dietmann toghether with his assitant Anat Minulin. Not sure about Anat’s dancing skills, but I know Marvin can pull off the male dance lead of the Nut Cracker without a blink.

Here is the serious part of our constest team. Our Contest Producer Christer Cohen Björkovitz together with his assitant Lechay Bekerman.

If you catch this lady talking a lot, it’s because it’s her job! Say HELLO to our Head of Communications- Sharon Ben David. We had our first press tour at the venue yesterday, and we didn’t kill a single journalist. Bravo to us!!!!

All you old readers recognize this foxy cat. Say HELLO to our Load in Manager Erik Blomdahl. He likes to collect flowers when he’s not doing Eurovision, or was it touring with Iron Maiden? Not sure, I know he told me once, but I can’t remember……..

Say HELLO to our Production Head Rigger Johannes Schau! He’s whipping our PRG rigging team to bang those 6 500 meters of truss together and hang it in the 650 hoists we have. Small task, he should be done by Sunday!

And what do you know! The stage right part of the mother grid is already hanging. Now it’s just the rest to go!

It looks like some of the truss that came in the containers were silver. So, let’s powder coat them black before we hang them!

While rigging is being busy in the main hall, lighting is busy pretty much everywhere else. This was our catering area the first couple of days. They had to move up on the roof top once the weather got better, so we could start prepping lights in this area.

This is the main entrance area, where Litecom, our lighting supplier, has set their camp. They also use this area to prepare all cable looms that have to be made.

They even took the area outside the main entrance. Many of the fixtures are coming brand new from our Official Technical Suppliers such as AyrtonDTS and Clay Paky, so there are some paper box management to be had.

Say HELLO to the Litecom key account manager, Girts Putelis. He is from Latvia, and as you all know, Latvia sucks at Icehockey. Just had an urge to say that…… We’ll get back to lighting more in detail at a later stage of this diary.

We had prominent guests at the venue yesterday! World famous mentalist Lior Suchard will bend the minds of our contestants in Green Room during our three shows. So, if you are competing in this year’s show, it’s time to get really nervous! Eurovisioin legend Yardena Arazi was here as well. Yardena represented Israel in the competition in 1976 and 1988 . She was also one of the hosts for Eurovision Song Contest in 1979.

The adventure will continue tomorrow!

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