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First of all, I’m SO sorry for the delay with this update! Workload is building up……….. You will understand why while reading the update!

I just couldn’t wait to show you my newest family member – meet Marshall!! I can not believe that I managed to live my life without this!

He’s super COOL ha ha!!! And soon, he will filled with beer! I just need to work around the alchohol ban here at the arena!

Pimping continues outside the arena. This flag gets transport in style! WE ARE ONE!

On Tuesday and Wednesday this week, we held the first ever PLASA Focus Backstage Malmo, the first Focus to surround a specific show. PLASA was very excited to take on Eurovision and organized this show very quickly with Berra and Joan helping organize from our side. As always, it was a first class event! Only our Technical Suppliers were showing equipment, so everything that visitors saw is actually the technology we’re using on Eurovision this year. In addition, visitors got to attend backstage technical tours and go inside the arena during rehearsals to see everything in action.

Here’s our dear Lotta representing Barco to some shady Finns. Hey, that’s Antti Rehtijärvi who was part of our FOH team in Helsinki back in 2007. Good to see you buddy!

Part of Barco’s booth included a model wall of the projection screen we’re using on Eurovision. Tait built this model to figure out how to build the wall in real world. Cool that we got to use it again!

Part of the show was a seminar room where the Technical Partners could talk about their technology. Here’s Peter Johansen from SGM discussing the LED revolution.

Here’s our favorite hippie Peppe’s brother Micke Tannemyr from Beacon Digigobos.

CAST used a video screen to demonstrate BlackTrax.

Sennheiser had a hands-on product demonstration. I was really hoping the tambourine would involve a belly dancer! Funny thing was that we had Sure mic’s during the seminars! Whoooooooops!

And it’s George Masek from ACT lighting to represent the mountain of Clay Pakys on the show. He’s also promoting his latest book “Dwarfs III: the Tossing Continues.”

And life wouldn’t be complete without a visit from our man James Ross Heron! So why James F you ask? You figure it out within the first 8 seconds of

And life wouldn’t be complete without a visit from our man James Ross Heron! So why James F you ask? You figure it out within the first 8 seconds of

The guests got to enjoy a nice buffet of Swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes, gravy and lingonberry!

And each day ended with a Q & A session with yours truly along with Oskar, Fredrik and Mikki. Complete with beer, wine and meat platter. Mmmmmm, beer (in my best Homer voice).


Thanks PLASA for an outstanding event!

And thank you all technical partners for jumping on this train with such a short notice, and thank you myself for coming up with such brilliant ideas!

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