Merhaba müzik severler ( I should have keeping track of what languages I’ve done this greeting in……)


The first day of artist rehearsals! The day that some of us have been planning for since August 2012!

Elvis, Marilyn and Mr. Spock represent the live audience so the directors get a feel of the standing audience we’ll have during broadcasts. We got a total of 100 paper dolls as audience. Why these three? They were on sale! But we got one cow too, just to be safe. It’s Austria rehearsing in the background.

This picture must been taken before 6PM, since the photographers are still working………………….. 🙂 I knoooooooow, they will kill me for that comment………

Denmark is one of the favorites this year. I have to admit it’s a damn good song, and Emmelie De Forest is SOOOOOOOOO cute. She has what we in Sweden calls Rådjursögon………..

Here is one of the other favorites. Anouk means business. This girl is SO cool, and her song Birds is a beautiful piece. Are we going to The Netherlands next year? Bitterballen????

Ukraine is as always very ambitious with the staging of their song! Zlata Ognevich looks GOOD in her enchanted forest!

So, how can you tell a fairytale without a giant? It’s a must! So, they flew in the second tallest man alive in the world. Look how shocked Elvis is over the competition!

Igor Vovkovinskiy is whopping 234,5 cm tall, and he makes our floor manager Henke look like a baby. I told you that Zlata looked GOOD!

Matthias Rau had his family here to visit today. His daughter Johanna could NOT get enough of the music, and was dancing away for a good 4 hours!

Not only delegations, we have our wonderful Technical Suppliers in da house! Many are here for a very special PLASA Focus, organized just for Eurovision 2013! We just had to welcome them with a barbeque! Here’s Martin Kuhn, Florentin and Gil from CAST BlackTrax, sharing korv and a beer with the one and only Pio Nahum from Clay Paky. We plan to head down to Bergamo very soon again to visit you Pio and eat like proper Italians!

Say hello to Johan and Fredrik Moritz! Johan is the lighting designer for the City of Malmo and Fredrik is his brother who we used to call Grumpy, but now he’s very happy since it’s not snowing!

How did I end up in jail?? Was I driving too fast on my Segway?? (most probably wreckless driving…..)

And we’ll end the day with the world’s largest disco ball! Only Eurovision could handle this…..I tell you what is all about tomorrow!


Love you long time…………

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