Hello music lovers!

First of all, I’m SO sorry for the delay with this update! Workload is building up……….. You will understand why while reading the update!

I just couldn’t wait to show you my newest family member – meet Marshall!! I can not believe that I managed to live my life without this!

He’s super COOL ha ha!!! And soon, he will filled with beer! I just need to work around the alchohol ban here at the arena!

Pimping continues outside the arena. This flag gets transport in style! WE ARE ONE!

On Tuesday and Wednesday this week, we held the first ever PLASA Focus Backstage Malmo, the first Focus to surround a specific show. PLASA was very excited to take on Eurovision and organized this show very quickly with Berra and Joan helping organize from our side. As always, it was a first class event! Only our Technical Suppliers were showing equipment, so everything that visitors saw is actually the technology we’re using on Eurovision this year. In addition, visitors got to attend backstage technical tours and go inside the arena during rehearsals to see everything in action.

Here’s our dear Lotta representing Barco to some shady Finns. Hey, that’s Antti Rehtijärvi who was part of our FOH team in Helsinki back in 2007. Good to see you buddy!

Ahoj milovníkov hudby!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, we are into the first day of artist rehearsals, and everything goes very well, but more about that tomorrow!

Here is the news of yesterday!

Green room is under construction. Lighting, sound and projection is in, bleachers are built, drapes and decorations are up, and we’ve started with the risers for the sofa groups. For those of you that don’t understand why it’s called green room, when it goes in gold and brown, click HERE.

I knooooooooooooooooooow, it’s SO educational to read this blog!

HA on Markku, or KABOOM that I call him these days! I finally found the ultimate protection from his damn confetti! This means that I’m actually smarter than a

FOH for sound has found a bit more burlesque way of doing it………………

………..Mikki is hanging out with some cameras…………. (you DO want to click on that link……….)

Today we’ll take a look around town at all the decorations that have gone up. Here’s the main town square with the countdown clock! Holy Crap! Not much time left!

We’ve been told that the butterflies on the suspension ropes seem to be multiplying. They are actually like rabbits in a way. Who would know?

Even landing on the town hero: a statue of me on a horse. I asked them not to raise a statue over me, but they did. Now I just need to get a damn horse!

Aaaaaaaaah, I remember this like yesterday! The barricades on the pedestrian street in the 80’s. Have no clue why there were barricades, I must have forgotten the cause, but I’m sure it was really important!

I wonder how much they had to pay this guy……………………..

A pimped bus, a lighthouse and a bridge. Hey! That could be the title of a movie!

Hang on! Are we doing flash mobs again? I thought that was yesterday’s news! We already did that in Norway 2010 remember! Hello???????


Tomorrow we’ll be back with absolutely amazing images of our competing artists on our stage for the first time! You do NOT want to miss that! It will blow your socks off for sure!

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