Γεια σας λάτρεις της μουσικής

Another beautiful day in Malmö has gone by. We are still rehearsing interval acts, openings and host, and I have to admit I’m pretty tired of it now, and can’t wait to get some delegations into the building.

The days are pretty long and slow right now, and you can start seeing signs of it all over the venue. Here is the area where we’ll take off the artists their IEM (In ear monitor) after performing, and someone has been very creative with a piece of rope light. Nice.

In fact, it’s so slow at the moment, that me, myself and I actually had time to sneak out from the venue for an hour yesterday. I took the opportunity to go and have a cup of coffee at my parents house. This is where I grew up people! At Linne’gatan in Limhamn, which is, BY FAR, the best and coolest part of town.

And here they are! Pappa Bertil and Mamma Barbro! I love you guys!

Bebban Philblad is in da house! I believe this is Eurovision number 6 for Bebban. Good to have you back! Sven Sundkvist is doing his famous cabage role impersonation on the floor.

Gil and Florentin are fine-tuning the BlackTrax tracking system used on several of our opening and interval acts.

Fitch is short for the obvious……………..

For all of you out there that doesn’t eat meat………………


Been running like a muppet all day, and am late to the next meeting! I promise y’all a longer update tomorrow!


Rock on!

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