May 3


May 03

Weinerschnauzer to you all! I knoooooooooooow, we’ve been keeping you from seeing pictures of our stage in full action a bit too long now, so let’s change that!

And what better way to start than with Armenia! Iveta Mukuchyan is absolutely on FIRE in her performance. Damn this is good!

Or why not some good old rock from Cyprus? Lots of beams, and lots of wolves. You’ll know what I mean when you see the broadcast!

Welcome back Czech Republic and Gabriela Gunčíková. Trust me, this girl can SING!

Here’s another great singer, with a very cool performance. Greta Salóme has an additional screen on stage with content that she interacts with. It’s a VERY tricky performance and we are working very hard with getting keylight and camera angles correct for this song. But it starts looking really good.

We’re using yet another Barco HDQ40 to do this stunt and we project on a Gerriets Show Black screen that gives us the ultimate contrast.

Russia rocking it. Sergey Lazarev is delivering, and is still on top of most betting charts. Sochi next year? Sign me up!

And here is Dea Norberg!!!!! This girl is better than sliced bread and her carreer is quite amazing. You can read about it

………whom is most probably gonna kill me after that link………

The Globe Arena complex includes four venues. This is one of them, The Annex. We turned it into the Delegation Bubble.

This is where they have their dressing rooms, hair and make up, and apparently lots of cookies and candy.

Thanks for sugaring them up before they come down to me for rehearsals. I sit together with the delegations in front of the stage for their first rehearsal. We do three run throughs of each performance, and I do live notes for video and lighting while Lotta and Martin take care of camera and choreography. The idea is that we will weed out any major problems before the delegations go to the viewing room, so they can focus on camera shots and broadcast sound in there. This usually works very well. Here we are with the Armenian Delegation, who happens to have one of my favorite Head of Delegations: Ms. Gohar Gaparyan.

I’m not sure how I managed to miss these two superstars for so long in this blog. Anyway, here they are! Sanna and Sofia are running our feel good department, and their assistant Tor is apparently a famous international shoe model who helps in catering part time. They make sure that all coffee stations are full with candy, coffee, tea, fresh fruit, and home made cookies at all times.  You are the WEEEEE in AWEEEESOME!

And look! It’s Mini Me!!!!!!!! And his lovely girlfriend Janette. Jussi Kallioinen was my local technical production manager when we did Eurovision Song Contest in Finland 2007. Oh gosh, that was SUCH a great project! And Jussi, a LOT of it was thanks to YOU! Super love you buddy, and REALLY good to see you again!

And why not end today with my new favorite dog breed in the world. If you don’t have a Weinerschnauzer yet, go out and get one NOW. So much cooler than

Clearly I need some sleep now…………

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