May 4


May 04


We stick to traditions within the Eurovision Song Contest! One of them is the fact that spring arrives the same day as the Delegation does. It is also from this day that most of us don’t have a chance to leave the venue to enjoy the wonderful weather that we have all been waiting for, for so long. But one day, very soon, it’s all over and done, and we can all go back to a bit more normal life (yeah right………)

In 2014, Austria won the show with an artist named Conchita Wurst. Wurst means sausage in German, and that is exactly what I was thinking of when I saw that song on TV………. Click on this image to see our own Christer Björkman killing it! And her/him. Sometimes you scare me………

And from Christer to Kristoffer Röhr. This fine gentlemen, here together with our Lighting Designer Fredrik Jönsson, was the Lighting Designer for Eurovision Song Contest 2000. And he is the sole reason why Fredrik and I do the shows we do, and operate on the level we do these days. I can not thank you ENOUGH Kristoffer! SO good to see you again! Click on the image, and you might find something from 2000!

We got PIXMOB IN DA HOUSE! We are using a new type of medallion this year, and we are projecting the IR signal with video projectors, that actually allows us to play out video content on the 10 500 medallions used per show. Will look totally AWESOME! Alezandra and Nina have the fun job of sorting through all of them!

It’s very practical to have an LED floor on a show with 50 different acts. We use it to project the stage plot for all the different acts, which means that we don’t have to use a single piece of tape to mark any queue spots. And we also put out arrows to show the flow for the delegations when they enter or exit the stage.

Speaking of artist! Let’s see what we were up to today! We had the central European country Australia on stage! Welcome back, as a permanent member of our family. Dami Im is here with a GREAT song called Sound of Silence. How can there be sound of silence? It’s like less is more? No, more is more! Click the image, and Yngwie Malmsteen will explain it for you! Anyway………. it’s a REALLY good song, and it’s one of two songs using Hologauze!

We also have a Musion screen on stage for Belarus. Here is Ivan and Ivan! One of them is a hologram, the other one is not. If you can guess what is what, I’ll buy you a cheeseburger, since I ran out of crew shirts!

We had a big international popstar on stage today as well. Nicky Byrne is not only a former goalkeeper in Leeds United, he is also a former member of Westlife. Within soon, he may very well be a former winner of Eurovision Song Contest. He is here competing for his motherland – Ireland. The asked us to do everything in green – we said NO! Is this when I should tell a potato joke by the way? Ok, very well then! How do you describe an angry potato? Boiling mad……..

Editor’s note: This is actually Donny Montell performing for Lithuania. But all the stuff about Nicky is true! We’ll show him on May 7. (Did anyone else notice this?)

We got Israel on stage as well yesterday! Hovi Star is singing Made of Stars, with stars in the floor and in the backwall. Can anyone sense where we are going with this?
And here is Michał Szpak who is representing Poland. I think we need to work on that font Mikki! We had a bunch of others as well, but we can’t take pictures of everything! Got to work too!
Let’s wrap up today with Fennika in her cozy shoes, Kristoffer chatting with one of camera directors Daniel Jelinek, while Fredrik Jönsson is talking to TV-Legend Bo Wahlberg, and Calle Brattberg has escaped from FOH and is robbing the coffee table right outside my office!
Onwards and upwards!
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