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Semi Final 1 is out the window! The broadcast went flawless, without any big hiccups. After the show, we calmed down with a couple of beers in the lobby bar at our hotel. Pedro, our bartender was nice, and kept the bar open one hour extra!

We were happy as hedgehogs in a balloon store!

Markku in a pimped Romania hat! And on that note, here is today’s special from Joan, who spent the afternoon with the bomb squad. Over to you Joan…..

Hi all! It’s PYRO time! Meet our gracious host, Mr. Markku Aalto, AKA “Pyroman“. No, he didn’t graffiti his Romania hat – I just had a little fun with Photoshop. Laughing

Markku started in the pyro business in 1995 and has done the last 5 Eurovisions!

And here’s the Pyroman crew: From left to right Mika Leminen, Teppo Hakkarainen, Teemu Koivoistoinen, Markku, Geir Johansen and Kimmo Räsänen.

All the blasts, bursts and bombs are controlled through this – the Fire Control desk from Sweden. “The best” he says. There are 15 songs this year using some type of pyro effect, and they are all done through timecode, shared with lighting, video, and sound. In fact, everyone in the venue uses the same timecode.

The desk allows you to see on screen which effect is happening during each cue in the song. And it’s capable of operating the biggest shows in the world! In addition to explosions and fire bursts, Pyroman handles the fog, fans and confetti for Eurovision, including Russia’s snow.

The pyro team has a desk located stage right with clear sight to the stage, where forty flame machines are located. From there the guys can visually confirm that the necessary areas are all clear and the timecode can be overridden if anything is out of place. Safety is of course number one, so the flame machines use a mixture of propane and alcohol to keep the gas a a safe level. Each of the 40 cans only have 280 grams of propane. Even that amount times 40 isn’t enough for a barbecue!

This is the first time to use the starburst flame effect on Eurovision, done with the 5 Master flame machine and seen in the songs form Switzerland and Turkey. These use hydrocarbons to make the flames.

Thanks Markku! OPA!

Now back to Ola……

Meanwhile inside the production office, it’s time to get ready for the live broadcast. Ian loosens up with the help of one of our massage therapists. Does he look relaxed?

And all our volunteers are manned all over the arena in high vis pink and giant lollipops!

FINALLY! There is nothing like a live broadcast after more than two weeks of rehearsals! Here Bosnia Herzegovina rocking out.

And this is actually the same stage, but in a completely different look, with Iceland on stage.

And the winners: Moldova, Russia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belgium, Albania, Greece, Portugal, Belarus, Iceland. CONGRATULATIONS and WELCOME to the FINAL!


I’m running out of Norwegian phrases over here, so all you in Norway, send me suggestions for the last couple of classes on our facebook page!

Here is the last one I have, without getting EBU chasing me!


¨Deilig rumpe du har¨ = NICE ASS!Cool

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