MAY 13


Jó Estét darlings!



My name is Ola Melzig and I’ll be your guide on today’s wonderful adventure……

I just had to say that – we were interviewed for a hotel magazine (we think) and they sent us the photos. This could be for a cruise ship brochure! Welcome Aboard!!

Look how natural we look on camera!

Our wonderful accreditation office! Rune (back) is teaching our smiling volunteers about the wonderful world of accreditations!

The Laser man is in da house! Peteris will do the stage markings using a laser system, just as he did in Kyiv 2005 and Belgrade 2008!

I actually had time to go to the gym for an hour today! Instant result! I’m SO buffed and really strong, so now I’ll go and kick Martin Fruck’s ass!

One of many things you can do with cookies from Ikea!

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaah! We finally got an ATM out at the Venue! It’s in the press centre reception that will open on Saturday!

Not to worry Dallas! There is nothing wrong with this light! Richie just dropped his keys in it, and is trying to find them!

Sietse Bakker is in da house! He is the EBU Communication and PR Manager, and is also responsible for the official Eurovision Web Page!

Make sure to check it out, because it is INDEED a really good site, and they put in A LOT of work into it! Sietse was kind enough to bring more Bitterballen to me, so I’m happy as a fart in the wind!

Ladies and Gentleman! Ole Jörgen Grönlund, our dear director for all the music! As you SHOULD know by now, we have two directors this year, which is a really great idea. Ole Jörgen does all the music, and can focus 100% on that, while Kim Strömstad is doing all the openings, interval acts, voting and green room, and can focus 100% on that!

Volcano bubbles?

David and Daniel came all the way from FInland yesterday, just to get a backstage technical tour. And of course we managed that! It’s all about sharing the moment right!?


By the way, I know I promised Joan’s Riedel report by now but she swears she’ll do it tomorrow!


You worked with events too long when:

1* Airport security greets you by your first name

2* You believe if you can’t fix it with duct tape, it can’t be fixed.

3* You have a choice between a hot date and a nap, and you choose the nap.

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