MAY 12


Gott Kvöld as they say on Iceland! Speaking of, the Iceland delegation are on their way! The managed to get on the last boat leaving the island, and will be here in time for their first rehearsal. And speaking of the Volcano ash cloud, I got information saying that is all wrong! There is no Volcano erupting! It’s just Chuck Norris having a barbeque!!!!!!! Having that said, things are still wonderful in the beautiful city of Oslo, and we are all happy as a generator guy in a pool filled with diesel!

Can’t do Eurovision without pyro! And today, the fire marshal was here, to see what Markku brought from Finland.

As you know by now, the stage is covered with a semi transparent mirror coating, here demonstrated by Joan. It has given us some problems with bouncing lights, but yesterday we found out some really cool benefits with it. Scroll down and check it out!


Looks pretty sexy huh?!

Markku posted a

on YouTube too!

Our technical venue manager Terje has re-named me to Mysiga Melzig. All of you that don’t know Swedish just have to google it if you want to know what it means !

WE FOOUND HIM! Finally Ladies and Gentlemen! Let me introduce our fourth set designer!!!! Mr. Bonsak Shieldrop is in da house!

Espen Pedersen came to visit today! Even though his only 18 years old, this man has managed to gain some very impressive work experience in the industry, working with both sound and lights on tours and festivals. He’s about to become a certified electrician in a couple of weeks! I’ve been talking to this young man over the net several times in the past, and when he asked if he could come and visit, and get a technical tour, how could I deny!? So, Espen travelled all night, and got to spend all day with us in the venue. I think he liked that Cool

General Uwe and Colonel Zorro taking a break behind the props tent.

Kai is re decorating the work shop to a Russian Catering. He really believes in this idea, I’m not to sure about it myself!

Dennis finds great pleasure in watching other people work. And since Cille is so nice, she lets him!

You do NOT want ME as YOUR enemy!!!!!!!

So, out of the blue, a school, right behind the venue caught on fire today. Thank God, there was no kids in there, since the school is under renovation.

Question is why Mr Pyroman looks SO guilty……….


You know that you worked with events too long when:

1* You spend more time at airport lounges than your own living room.

2* You spend more time in taxis than in your own car.

3* You consider cooking your own food and sleeping in your own bed as luxury.

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