MAY 12

MAY 12

Tjenare Musik Älskare!

We ended last day with going to the opening party at Euroclub. SOME of us were smart and left early, others are suffering today. My head hurts……….

A special welcome to our British butterfly Louise Stickland! Louise is not only our Production Photographer, she is also a longtime dear friend. Good to have you here girl!

And today is Kai’s daughter Alma’s first birthday – I AM ONE! Hahahahahaha, that was actually quite funny………..

Today we did Big 5 and Sweden, that are directly qualified to the final. Sweden, in my expert opinion of course, is the best! Hey there, no touching our balls!

I think that Amandine is angry at something, but I’ve no idea what, because I don’t speak French.

Wacka wacka! This speaks to me! Cascada is hot with or without her high heels.

German delegation at our cuddling corner in front of the stage. As you can see, our dear friend Jerry Appelt is in da house, here as a member of their delegation. Jerry was the lighting designer for Eurovision Song Contest 2011 and 2012.


OMG! Bonnie Tyler is in da house! LOVE HER!

Hanna’s future husband Marco Mengoni from Italy, if Hanna has something to say about it.

Cille, Christoffer and Freja – at just 4 months she’s the youngest visitor this year. Cille was our production assistant in Oslo back in 2010. I tried to get her on board for the 2010 Commonwealth Games production that I did in India as well, but she couldn’t make it, and thank God for that, otherwise she would have never met Christoffer!

Getting at it at Euroclub! SVT gave me 250 drink tickets to share with the crew, but I used them all myself, and today I’m paying the price!


Rock on!

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