MAY 12


MAY 12

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Now, I know our stage is fantastic, the lighting is fantastic, our crew is fantastic, but one thing that has been getting rave reviews is the content on our beautiful LED wall and arch. Our content team is Gravity out of Hamburg. We caught up with Visual Director Falk Rosenthal who walked us through this adventure that the team has been on.

Here’s half the team from L to R: Falk Rosenthal, Annika Evers, Thomas Neese and Armin Lintl. Not shown are Mark Huff, Martin Speidel, Ramon Mazzoni and Thomas Knack.

Gravity has created content for Eurovision 2011 in Germany, 2012 in Azerbaijan, 2014 in Denmark, 2015 in Austria and now 2017 in Ukraine.

Many countries prepare their own content, but it’s not until stand in rehearsals and the film is reviewed by the delegations that many will change their mind, as the concept can get lost when going from wide shots to close ups of the performers. Others will put their full trust in the content team, simply with notes on the concept they want to convey.

Germany is a good example. They let Gravity design the content from start to finish, and it takes advantage of the fantastic arch.

“Albania is another one I like,” said Falk, “we were able to show off the arch nicely in that one too.”

Many request are for clouds, fire, water…many of the same ideas. Falk and his team try to twist these ideas so that everything doesn’t end up looking alike.

The team uses After Effect and custom engines to build their work. It can be done from anywhere in the world, as long as there’s descent internet, and the company has a render farm in Hamburg and an office in Los Angeles.

Thanks for the beautiful work Gravity!!


Enjoy the show!

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