MAY 13


MAY 13

Wow! WE DID IT! People, I do NOT recommend producing a Eurovision Song Contest in less than five months which was the case this year…………. But thanks to an absolutely AMAZING team, we managed to pull it off and produce three kick ass broadcasts!
And the Grand Final was actually my 30th Eurovision broadcast since the start in 2000. Congratulations to me!

I dare to say that Eurovision Song Contest is the most rehearsed show in the world, and once we come to broadcasts, the machinery is up and running at full speed. No mistakes are allowed at this point, and none made……… well besides of that one security guy who let the wacko up on stage during Jamala’s performance. Besides that, everyone was at their top of performance.

We even got our steadi cam guys to run through flames! I hope you don’t share this with your insurance company………..

Behind every strong man there is an even stronger woman. Well………. in my case there are 4! Thanks darlings for taking care of me , the venue and the production office on a daily basis!

Swedish chilling in the Greenroom after their perfomance. They came to win, but had to settle for 5th place which is not too bad! And at least you beat Spain! Then again…….. everyone beat Spain………

I think the real winners are me, Christer Björkman and Anders Lehnhof! This is why we took the trophy and ran!

But they found us, and gave it to the real winner! CONGRATULATIONS PORTUGAL! Salavdor Sobral came, sang, charmed all of Europe, and scored 753 points more than Spain! I was so sure for this to happen that I actually had a Portuguese flag on my Riedel panel!


But the best dance act was of course Italy, as you can see below!

Why do tourists go to the top of tall buildings and then put money in telescopes so they can see things on the ground in close-up?


So many questions………..

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