April 5

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Hejsan Hejsan and welcome back to our world!  For all you new readers, here is how it works: We are doing daily updates of the production, but the updates have a 24 hour delay, since that is the only way we can admin this.
So, if my calendar is correct, today it is April 05, which means that we will cover April 04 today. Clear?

Here we go!

Altice Arena, our home for the next couple of weeks, has a permanantly installed mothergrid. But it was hanging at 20 meters height, so we have rehung it on motors, and will deadhang it on 25 meters height instead. Because we can! At the latest count, we had installed over 150 load cells to do this………….

Our first day of load in came with sunny and warm weather. Even though we spend almost a year planning this event, there are always major glitches on the first day of production. But we were actually spared from those yesterday. Lets hope that continues!
All trucks are unloaded, brought into a security tent and checked before they are allowed to enter our security parameter. Safety first!

Our venue was completed for the Expo 98, which happened in……….. 1998! It has an amazing wooden wall and roof structure that resembles the hull of a ship. The roof capacity is really good. But with our 220 tonnes of rigged gear, we are very close to maximum capacity, as always. Jerry has put in no less than 262 x GLP JDC-1 strobes in his rig. Since this strobe has a tilt function, they can hit both audience, stage and the ceiling. What does JDC mean? Jack Daniels and Coke of course. I AM NOT KIDDING!

Speaking of strobes……. Here is something that you have never seen before! Why? Because it’s the prototype of a new GLP fixture called KN-V Arc. Is it bright? HELL YES! Jerry came up with the idea for a fixture like this, and GLP was not late to react. It’s a modular system that you can build in different shapes and configurations. This unit is built of 8 modules.

No production is complete without Segways! So I ordered four, just to be on the safe side! We got some golf cars too.

This is the hall immediately backstage of the main venue. We are putting in a mezzanine floor here at 4 meters height that will cover the entire room. We will build the Delegation Bubble on the top and have supplier work shops and props storage under.

Erik is still not a fan of tongue kissing in the early mornings………..

A lot of the infrastructure required in the outside areas are already in place. Here is the combined crew entrance/storage tent on our Stage Right side.

First thing in the venue is of course the rigging. Needless to say, you need quite a lot of rigging, CyberMotion hoists and truss to hang 220 tonnes of gear. We’ll do a proper cover of the rigging of this beast in a week or two!

We’re expecting to bring the mothergrid up to its final height tomorrow afternoon. Once that is done, it’s time to hang some lights! A little over 2 000 of them to be a bit more precise!

Segways- Check! Production Ham- Check! Not bad for a first day in the dream factory!

Stay safe, and remember- bad sound kills good music!

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