April 6

 In Eurovision Diary 2018

Hejsan hejsan music lovers! Or as they say in Portugal:

Sua jaqueta cheira a bacalhau, vai para casa e se lava!Before we get started I realized that I forgot to mention one of the best resources for all things Eurovision: www.eurovision.tv! While my little blog covers all the technical antics backstage, eurovision.tv covers pretty much everything else including artists, running orders, song videos and more. A great site especially if you’re new to this crazy world!

Now, fine people of Portugal! We really need to have a chat about the weather! I am SURE that I was promissed sunshine every day in April and May! In fact, I do believe I have it in my contract! So, RTP legal department- stand by for complaints!

The mezzanine floor in the delegation bubble is making some progress. It should really make progress a bit faster, since our suppliers would love to get access to their workshop areas. Yalla Yalla Lussefralla!

Riedel is being very busy with wrapping the entire arena with fiber and switches. New for 2018 is that they have a 3 year contract for delivering fiber backbone, intercom, radios, signal distribution and commentator panels. These are static tasks every year, so it’s absolutely awesome that these crucial areas are taken care of through EBU for the next couple of years. It makes it a hell of a lot easier for the host of Eurovision Song Contest 2019!

Speaking of EBU. Our fearless leader Jon Ola Sand and his team hve not arrived yet. But we started to prepare their offices well in advance to their arrival in two weeks. (I stole the sofa 2 minutes after this image was taken, please don’t tell him!)

We took team photos a couple of weeks ago. For some reason, some of us were taking new ones yesterday. I was not called to the second round. I assume that I was pretty enough at my first try.

2 hours delayed, the mother grid came to motion for its journey up to 25 meters height where it will be parked and deadhung. We’re putting the hoists back and bring it back down for load out.

It’s becoming really hard to maneuver my Segway in the hallways of the venue. There is freaking truss everywhere! How much you wonder! I have no idea I say! But ask me again after tomorrow’s Fun Fact meeting!

Once the main mother grid was in position, we started with the grids on stage left and right. You see that white wall in the back, with air condition outlets. Someone will have MASSIVE fun with a cherry picker, a couple of thousand square meters of black molton, double sticking tape and a glue gun in a week or two to make this wall go away, and the identical wall on Stage Right.

A man and his wall. Today we are using Egnyte, IoGates and Smartsheet to share information, and do our planning. In connection to that, we have a Eurovision App where we share schedules, contact information, lunch menus and all kind of things. Christer Björkman uses a wall and big Post it stickers…………. so 80’s!

Christer does not look this depressed because of one of the stickers fell off the wall. It’s more like someone had dinner with Jerry Appelt, and that someone is now paying the price. Me and Mattias went to the gym instead, and feel and look like rockstars today.

Boom! First generator placed! This contract was rewarded to Powershop, just as last year. One of their containers was filled with Belgium chocolate. Don’t tell our security team!

The forest of chains in the Altice Arena. And there will be more……….. Much more! But more about that tomorrow! Click on the photo to watch a little of the action.

É muito estúpido nadar com sapatos de concreto!
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