Since delegations are about to hit Stockholm, it’s time to learn some new words, in order to greet them properly. Or…….. you can do like me, and just find funny words and put them in context that does not make any sense at all. Therefore, the greeting today will be in German: Geschwindigkeitsbegrenzung!

Just so you know…………

. Well……we brought him to life! It’s quite amazing what you can do with today’s technology! Billy, the little boy we just brought to life, will fly too. I know……. we’re awesome!

Dummy rehearsals for the songs started today! OK, they’re not dummies – that term is used for people who stand in place for the real performer but usually don’t make a sound. Ours are MUCH more interesting! We’re doing what we did both in Norway in 2010 and Malmö in 2013, where we have a local dramatic arts school use Eurovision as a semester project. We have the Kulturama and Victor Rydbergs schools with us here in Stockholm. The students learn the songs, dances and different languages for all 42 countries. It makes the rehearsals so much more interesting and give all departments a better feel for how the lighting, video, cameras, etc will behave when the artists arrive in a few days. And these kids are talented! One of the stand-ins from Malmö,

But it’s time for more hugs now! Here is Lucas, our head of lampies!

Here is Carsten who is the Cyberhoist tech from Litecom. He speaks German, so he can tell you what my greeting on top means.

Aaaaaaaaaaawwwwww! Pierre is one of delegation hosts, making sure that each and every delegation gets from point A, to B, to C and so on.

And here is his body double and team mate Carl-Philip. They’ve been running the backstage logistics on Melodifestivalen for years, and this is their third Eurovision Song Contest.

And here are the two superstars that make sure that ALL our dancers and performers for openings and interval acts have something to wear. This also includes our hosts of course. Say hello to Pia and Lisa, our wardrobe magicians!

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I need to visit wardrobe more often…….. and now you know what the catchline stands for……..

Lets wrap up today with a cute family moment from the Durango family! Seen in a bar on the southside of Stockholm yesterday evening.

Be nice to your kids. They’ll choose your nursing home.

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