May 1


May 01


Ola: I’m swamped as usual today so I asked Joan to show you our crew of very talented cameramen (camerapeople?)  Over to you, Joan!

Me: So today I’d like to introduce most of our extremely talented camera crew (not all – I missed a few, or maybe they were hiding from me but I will find them!) Then I was trying to find a creative way to introduce them all, instead of just “Here’s Niklas, he operates the camera over there.” “Here’s Pernilla, she operates the camera up there.”

Maybe a song? a poem? Nope. It was going from bad to worse, so I actually googled “creative ways to introduce people” and the results were quite funny and inspiring! So here we go, for better or worse…….

This is Mr. Zivojinovic, but you can call him Dragan.

Announcing steadycam man, Stefan. Here I think he’s filming me!

I’ve been dying for you to meet Björnar!

Daniel sits at the disco desk stage left with Kristian, the Saab cowboy. Oh, I mean “Slim”.

This is Johannes. He’s on facebook!

Allow me to present Kalle and Sebastian. They are looking very comfortable.

Michele and Tomas think puppies are cute too! You guys have so much in common!

I’d like to introduce Cecilia. This is just proof that Sweden is filled with beautiful blondes!

Here’s P-O. It stands for Per Olaf, not “pissed off” FYI………

That’s Pernilla up top and Andreas (“Adde”) – they are in the center of the arena floor and hopefully won’t get mobbed by all the crazy fans.

Ingela films from the front edge of the stage and has the best view of all the great shoes. So jealous!

Have you met my friend Niclas? Here he was filming a super secret thing so I had to crop that out.

This is Niklas. Déjà vu! We have two!

This is Niklas. Can it be? We have three!

Diary reader, have you met Pernilla? I believe you both share a love of reading Jane Austen while walking on the moors.

All silliness aside, this is SUCH a talented group! There are 22 cameras running simultaneously for the show and I challenge you to watch any of the broadcasts and try to see another camera. You won’t. It’s perfectly executed and impressive to watch!

Less than 2 weeks to go! Bye for now!

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