Hey hey hey! I’ve got shocking news — it’s Powershop Day! Let’s find out what those crazy kids out back have been doing!

Here are our hosts this afternoon, on the left is Wouter Hallaert, Project Manager and Rob van Herk showing off their company logo along with their tans. They’re some of the very few that have seen regular sunshine these past weeks.

And looking like a fine criminal lineup are (L to R) Tom Delbaere, Marc Decallonne and Arno Broekmans. They fled the country yesterday after everything here was in place.

And I guess a lineup photo is appropriate, seeing how the generator farm looks like a prison compound! Safety first! Power comes from a total of 18 generators, putting out around 7 Megawatts of electricity per day. There are less than 15 people within the entire production team of 1 800 that has access to this area.

10 generators to the left are dedicated to lights and 8 to the right are dedicated to sound, video and broadcast. All engines run at half capacity at all times. If there is any failure in any of them, the load is automatically distributed evenly among the remaining generators.

We’re currently using approximately 8000 liters of diesel per day but will be closer to 10 000 on show days. If all generators ran at full capacity, it would consume 20 000 liters per day!

Power first goes to the breaker panels……

Then through the distribution panels – one for lights, one for sound/video/broadcast. Each panel is 8000 Amps. We have 16 PD400 distribution panels and 61 various distribution panels (125A, 63A, 32A, …)

Then the nice neat cable runs in to the venue. We use a total of 38,05km of high voltage cable on this production – 29km single core cable power lock,
6,7 km multi core cable (125A, 63A, 32A, …) and 2,35 km Earth cable. For you troglodytes that don’t understand the metric system, it equals to a hell of a lot of miles of it. 660 yellow jackets for protection.

And ends up at this distribution hub here on the left, which leads to all the PRG dimmers to the right among others. Lighting alone consumes 854 000 watts!


Wouter also wanted to add that they had 10 excellent stagehands during the 3-day setup and one top notch crew!

Thanks guys!


If you’re in a vehicle going the speed of light, what happens when you turn on the headlights?


So many questions………..

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