Ok boys and girls! We finally got our delegations in da house! And I have to say that we are extremely pleased after our first day of rehearsals with them, and they seem to be just as pleased with us, which of course is a great relief!

But before we go into that, I need to introduce you to the Biggest of the BIGGEST Bosses here! Mr Jon Ola Sand everybody! The Executive Supervisor from EBU. Jon Ola was my Executive Producer on Eurovision Song Contest 2010 in Oslo, Norway, and moved to Switzerland right after that show.
Don’t worry, we do not allow crossbows in the venue……

This is what we in Sweden call a Kryckfyllo. Our show and contest producer Christer Björkman is also trying to move to Switzerland, but if he insists on this being his vehicle of choice, it might take a couple of years……..

Sweden was first out on our stage yesterday. You have to give it to me. I’m a pretty bad ass photographer………..

The treadmills that Robin Bengtsson and his dancers are using are actually programmed and operated off a Grand MA II. If you’re gonna do it, you might as well do it in style!

Georgia is singing about keeping the faith

While Finland is bringing a happy song about Blackbirds. I think they are still upset over the last loss against Sweden in Icehockey………

You may recognize Mikko Linnavuori from past years as one of our video programmers! Now here as the content creator for the Finnish song. Thanks for the Gin&Tonic by the way you crazy wonderful weird man!

A quick pop in visit from another good friend, Marco de Koff from Ampco Flashlight. He’s here to make sure that our 112 Cyberhoists are behaving. And yes they are!

Jerry Appelt claims that his panel is bigger than mine on Facebook. As we all know, internet is full of lies……..

Peter Howie flew all the way from Australia just to volunteer on this show so we took him out for several glasses of apple juice last night!
Since lighting is his passion, I’ll team him up with our PRG and Elation crew today- because I can…….!
He is quite happy that the river in Kyiv is crocodile free!

Why is it called tourist season if we can’t shoot them?

So many questions………

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