It’s Kaboom time!

If you’re afraid of things that go Kaboom, click the banana and watch that instead.

For everyone else, let’s face it – we love pyro effects. Well, so does Eurovision! There’s nothing like fireworks to pump up the already insane crowd. Let’s talk to the crazy Finn that makes this happen for us!

Meet Markku Aalto of Pyroman. These guys know what they’re doing. And they should! This is Pyroman’s seventh Eurovision! Did you know that security uses Markku’s clothes to train their bomb sniffing dogs?

And here’s the whole gang from left to right: Teemu, Jaska, Markku, Teppo, Ari and Teemu. If you see these guys runnung, try to keep up!

Yesterday started with a scheduled inspection with the fire marshal. This is to ensure all effects are following required safety guidelines.

So they demonstrate everything! Firebursts…..

Airblasts…. (oops…..excuse me!)


And fire! (Wow – what did I eat for dinner last night?!!)

All effects are pre-programmed and triggered via timecode through the Fire Control desk on the left, with the exception of wind machines and fog, which are controlled manually via the grandMA on the right (the “mini MA”). This desk has a clear line of sight to the stage so the guys can visually confirm that the necessary areas are all clear and the timecode can be overridden if anything is out of place.

So which songs will have a kaboom, bang or fffffffhhhhhsssttt? Sorry, I can’t tell you who’s using what, but I can promise you WILL be impressed.

Morgan is happy with the fireworks show. You guys are going to love it too!

You know you’re a pyrotechnician when you wash your hands before you take a leak!

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