I would like to send a BIG special thank you to the Sweden spring weather. We are all actually quite happy to spend all our days indoors at the moment……….

Remember the followspot operators I introduced yesterday? Here are the 6 brave souls that have to hang from the ceiling during all rehearsals and broadcasts! We shoot both pyro and laser at them, but they are still quite happy.

Meggie! People, meet Meg Sciarini. She was sent here all the way from Austin, Texas! We have the BRAND NEW UNO from High End Systems in our show, and she is here to make sure they are all happy, which they are. Great lttle fixture! And nice having neighbours stopping by in our glitter cave.

Meet Jennie Gunnarsson, one of our professional massage therapists on site to help the crew when our muscles get too sore! Jennie has given massages to VIPs and even world leaders while working at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm.  Needless to say, Jennie is not allowed to talk about who she’s met, but her best friend Eva tells a little more, since she never signed an NDA 🙂

(Hey crew – if you go to the online booking site don’t type WWW first. The site is on the door next to first aid.)

And here’s Mattias Carlsson, our Viewing Room Manager. But why is he blue? And why is he sitting in a sofa not doing anything? Why?????

We’re all blue because they’ve been serving fish for lunch in catering for the past three weeks! Oh yes, I forgot, that’s why he was blue. I guess the chef thinks of us as seals or something. Who else eats fish 7 days a week? So, a protest was put into place, and today they served pork! Another victory!

I was quite funny. I had 14 followspots tracking every move I made during my protest. If you’re gonna do it, do it in style!

Hey look! Grumpy must have gotten a raise. Either that or he stole this hover board! Mine is still bigger…………

Throwback Thursday takes us back to Turkey in 2004. Quite ironically, this picture was taken at a REALLY good fish restaurant in the Kumkapi area in Istanbul. A young Melzig with a fork up his nose together with an even younger Tobias Åberg, without a fork up his nose.


I’ve just deleted all the German names off my phone.

Now it’s Hans free.

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