Γεια σας λάτρεις της μουσικής

Sorry for the short update yesterday. But after two hard weeks on site, the crew needed a barbeque, and it was up to me to fix it!

For two weeks, we’ve been running cables perfectly in the venue, then broadcast shows up………

Jan Hermenau from Highlight is in da house! He’ll need 20 meters of black molton from me, and I’m sure he has something good to trade with 🙂

The delicate work of lining up projectors continues. We are getting close though, and it starts to look absolutely amazing!

Nigel Sadler and a jar of seal fat is all you need for a happy night at Euroclub! But that is not why he’s here……… Nigel is Special Projects Director at Green Hippo, so I guess they consider us being special!

Officially, there is an alcohol ban on this production, but HEY, what are you going to do when you find gay rum? Christer was VERY happy!

Koya and Sara help keep the crew happy with fruit and cookies and coffee stations in the backstage area.

Is this what happens when fruit goes bad?

And finally we found a gap in our so busy schedule, to have the traditional crew bbq! And we are doing it in STYLE! Thanks to Broil King, we got an absolutely kick ass set up this year, and thanks to that, me and Bertil could serve 100 people with hot dogs within an hour. We had chorizo’s, Lambada, Mexicana, Cheese and veggie dogs up for grabs, with fixings and buns. Good stuff!

Iveta and Helen enjoying the sun, and the dogs.

Abbe and his son Elton chilling.

Tobbe Berg in da house. I hope he remembers that there is a Crocs ban on my productions!

Qulan and Cina is in da house! We actually have the LD for Europe cueing our followspots, and Cina actually quit her daytime job to come and do followspot on Eurovision. Is this really due to the attraction of Fredrik, or is there something bigger, darker and stronger working its magic in the background?

Ulf Richter is in da house! Good to have you here buddy!

Everybody’s happy! It’s amazing what some hot dogs and apple juice can do for the morale in the crew!

This needs to be repeated for sure!

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