Ciao amanti della musica!

Finally! Most things are up and ready, and we are ready to start with rehearsals! Or, ready enough…….. Still a million things to do, but it’s mostly the finish of things missing.

We started the day with a welcome meeting, where our dear directors Robin and Daniel held a welcome meeting which they ended with Robin singing a little song for us. Don’t quit your daytime job dude!

Sat stage and it’s funky dory camera rail is in position. The round B-stage was actually originally built for NKOTB ( New Kids On The Block), or what is ÜGPIS ( Über Gay Pigs In Space) I’m too old……. I can’t remember……

Flame units upstage – photo courtesy of Markku Aalto AKA Pyroman aka KABOOM!

Main cameras are up as well, and in front of their riser is the riser for the pool photographers (no, it’s not people taking pictures of pools……..), and in front of that, is the rail cam. And in front of the rail cam, we’ll place all 7 people of audience that we can fit on the floor.

Poor Mikko has a bad back and asked Joan to help find a saddle chair like this for FOH. Finally got in touch with the office furniture store here in Malmö and they can order one for him. It should arrive May 27! That was really helpful…… Thanks for nothing……..

Many many Clay Paky lights…….And many many Barco projectors……And many many Leaderlights…….

We do MANY things to keep our crew happy, including having a on site massage room – just put your name on the schedule that is next to the elevator, where all crew members spent an average of 5 minutes a day, on their way to catering or call Charlie at 1-800- Happy Ending.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! A roll of Lee 204 and a roll of Lee 170. All you need to make a room with flourecent lights cozy.


And here is a message from our Health and Safety Manager Tomas:

For many years, it’s been a BIG mystery how Norway could win, and Sweden only reaching 21st place in the final. But recent discoverys has revealed a possible reason. Maybe it was because of one of the back vocals…… Could it be??? I wonder…….

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