April 26

 In Eurovision Diary 2018

Hejsan hoppsan and welcome to today’s update of the Eurovision Song Contest vendetta right now happening in Lisbon.

Variation is everything, and with that mantra, we did our first batch of meatballs in the air fryer today- SUCCESS!

We also started with stand in rehearsals for the 42 countries today. It was a bumpy start, as always, but it looked spectacular on screen within soon. I might dare to say that today’s stand in rehearsals were the best 1st day in many years.
And I have the biggest Riedel panel as usual- so all is normal.

No, it’s not a super awesome version of Blue Man Group in town. It’s just me and the BIG boss himself, the Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest! Everybody, a BIG HELLO for Jon Ola Sand!
My new idea to call the scrutineer desk the Jon Ola Sand Castle was received with medium happiness.

Our stand ins are absolutely amazing, and so is our stage! Who needs video when you have Jerry Appelt?

Of course he does red too! He IS the most romantic lighting designer in the world after all!

The Opertec crew operating all our special cameras seem to enjoy themselves, and are doing a great job, as always!

Say HELLO to Michael Althaus, Yvan Peard and Cyril Union from Ayrton came to visit today. The Eurovision Song Contest 2018 is the new world record holder for amount of Ayrton fixtures used in one show. We have 713 active Ayrton fixtures in our rig! 112 x Ghiblis, 64 x Mistrals, 60 x Nandobeam S6, 30 x Magicdot SX, 96 x Minipanel FX and oh yeah, I almost forgot, 351 x Magicpanel FX! Founder and CTO Yvan Peard told me that to see what we’ve done was a dream coming true for him. A dream that he has had since he first started the company.

New day, new experiment with the smoker! Click on the image to see how this is working out!

Why not hop back to 2013 today! This was a very special show for me, since it was my 11th Eurovision (my lucky number) and it was hosted in Malmö Sweden, where I was born and raised. Needless to say, Malmö is like a trillion times better than all other cities in the world, and I am moving back one day. People of Malmö, consider yourself warned!
Set Design by Frida Arvidsson & Victor Brattberg. Lighting Design Fredrik Jönsson and Video Content Design by Mikki Kunttu.

Love this song, and Margaret is hot as shit!

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