April 25

 In Eurovision Diary 2018

Hejsan hejsan and welcome to day 21 of this adventure. Weather is still sunny and warm, and we are locked up in a venue. Oh well……..

It’s with great joy I announce the winners of the 2018 Bullen Awards! Hans-Åke Sjöquist was given the Lifetime Achievement Award and Emma Weil was given the Visionary Award! From left to right- Erika Lagerbielke (Bullen’s sister and designer of the award), Fredrik Jönsson (co-founder of the awards together with me) Hans-Åke Sjöqvist, Emma Weil, Saskia Lagerbielke (Bullen’s widow) and Eva Dahlgren, famous Swedish singer who handed out this year’s awards.

Today was our first day of camera rehearsals. It’s always a bit bumpy start, and you notice a lot of things in camera that need to be fixed.

We started with host rehearsals today. This is a good way to ease in the crew into production mode since these are a bit more relaxed than the stand in rehearsals for the countries, that we start with tomorrow.

Since we have four hosts in our show this year we are rehearsing all over the place. Here is Filomena Cautela in greenroom.

In the underworld, under the delegation bubble rests many secrets. It’s filled with props that we can’t show you just yet, since that would upset the delegations. But we can show you our 17 followspot operators sitting here, operating their spots out in the venue. I love the Robospot system!

Since we are running low on bitterballen, and the next delivery is a week out, I decided to stock up with another sort of balls! Meatballs! It turns out that it works VERY well to cook them in the airfryer! I love that machine!

Lets take a trip around the compound and see how we’re doing outside the venue!

Apr25 web014

It’s really blinding to be outside when you’ve been locked up in the venue for some time! All tents are up! Here is the Press and Fan lounge tent.

Apr25 web014

Remeber the tent that looked like a Russian Head Dress? Oh well……… first of all, IT’S NOT! And this is how it looks like inside. Welcome to our press conferance area ladies and gentlemen!

Apr25 web014

Had to do a quick stop at our post office as well! Needed to pick up laundry you know……… say HELLO to some of our WONDERFUL volunteers! We could NOT do this show without you! THANK YOU!

Apr25 web014

This is our catering! We had two restaurants that were kind of kidnapped by our security parameter, so we turned them into crew and press catering.

Apr25 web014

Speaking of press! The press center is coming together well. All tables for the work stations are ready. All we need now are some chairs, some power strips, some internet and a couple of monitors, and off we go! Press center opens on April 28!

Apr25 web014

Close but no cigar. But I stole this sign regardless. No, I will not give it back! It’s mine mine mine now!

Apr25 web014

Back to the press and fan lounge tent! This is how it looks inside! We’ll remove the crazy Estonian before we open this tent!

Apr25 web014

Golf cart trip completed! Time to get the car back into my garage. Highlight claims that this tent is for VIP’s. I claim it’s not! I will not tell you if the ramp survived this test!

Our radios from Riedel have a very special man’s voice announcing which channel you are on. I guess most people don’t think this is as funny as we do! It has been entertaining us for weeks now!

Today’s time machine takes us back to Eurovision 2010 in Oslo! Lighting Design by Al Gurdon, Multi Camera director Olle Jörgen Grönlund and stage design by the NRK design department. Lets smash some plates and glasses to the floor, scream OPA and enjoy the ride!

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