Hi kids! Yesterday was quite the adventure for some of our guys here…….

Some say they add the same value to the crew as a drummer to a band.

Some call them obnoxious and quite rowdy and even criminal.

Some call them daredevils with strange clothes.

Sometimes they call themselves chain designers.

I call them riggers, and I absolutely LOVE them!

So yesterday we did another first! Here is Stizze climbing up on the top of the Globe for what will become the HIGHEST rigging point by far in the history of Eurovision.

I told the gang that they could just take the Skyview up to the top, but they insisted on climbing 85 meters instead. Macho boys………. Here is Sören, Ulf, Linus and Stizze on top of the Globe. Tourists riding the Skyview were quite surprised when they came to the top, seeing these weird guys strolling around up there.

The mission was to rig two points for a drop cam with a 75 meter drop. Again, by far, a Eurovision record……

In order to do this, Sören and his team had to rig in a way that has never been done in the Globe before. Here is Ulf and Stizze doing the two bridles in the actual construction of the Globe, in between the outer and inner wall of the roof. It’s kind of hard to tell where one ends and the other one begins……

Here’s what they saw when they looked down. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhh!!!!!

This was Joan’s view, using her most powerful zoom lens to capture Ulf’s size 47 shoe dangling in thin air, like magic!  It does not smell like magic though…….

And this is without zooming, with a yellow arrow marking out where they were rigging. We expect some hands down amazing shots from this camera!

Keep it in the family! Introducing my oldest daughter Stephanie Wennerström to you. Also known as followspot operator number 14!

More and more props are coming in every day from around Europe. We got laser trees, tribal drums, LED walls, puppets on strings and God knows what out in Tobbe’s props storage.

We let Christer leave the country for 12 hours and look what happens!!

Strange……. I searched the net high and low for some rigger jokes, and could not come up with a SINGLE one!

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