Hello music lovers!

Here’s todays update from the Schlager Vendetta!

loading this page over the weekend.


Finally got Gil on camera! He’s one of our venue managers and always on the run but he actually gave us a photo shoot! (I had to stuff A LOT of money in his pants for this!) We used to work at Spectra together back in the golden days.

Here is another old and very good friend of mine! I got to know Abbe during Eurovision Song Contest in Estonia back in 2002. We emptied all the bars in that country, and have managed to empty many more after that! Abbe is in charge of dressing all male artists with IEM (In ear monitor). He constantly complains about not being allowed to do the girls too, but we can’t have all female performers running around having a crush on this pretty boy!

First pieces of Greenroom coming into place.

The Greenroom is built in the south short end of the venue and will have audience on three sides. You can see the sound FOH in front of it. We’ll come back to that area in the ¨Eurovision Sound Special¨ that we will post in here any day soon!

We got 4 of the 6 audience screens up too. Call me crazy, but I have a feeling these will move around a bit……… they always tend to do that on Eurovision………

Finally Pelle Hövde and his team are catching up and they started to load in cameras today. And a big Haubits too………..

What happens if you put 56 Sharpies in a row? Zzzzzzzzzzzzap!

You see the wooden boxes on top of the first bleacher in the back? That is our 45 meter FOH at Eurovision Song Contest 2016……… this is for lighting and video ONLY!

And sometimes, if you’re lucky, you will see this muppet waving at you up there!

It’s great to have Fredrik, Emma and Mikki in the house together with all their operators. Now the stage is starting to come alive, and we can see the true potential of what we have looked at in drawings and renders for so many months.

Our stagehands have invented an alternative to the Globe Hotel in the loading bay. The bed might not be as comfy, but the room is MUCH bigger.

How many set designers does it take to change a light bulb?
Does it have to be a light bulb????

Love you looooong time!

See ya tomorrow!

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