April 19

 In Eurovision Diary 2018

Hejsan Hejsan and welcome to sunny Portugal!

The guide tracks for the rib counterweight towers came into place today, which means that we could build up our last dimmer city, the one feeding all our floor lights and the wall of death.

This means that we could place the counterweight towers as well. I can not wait to see these ribs in action!

Our small modes bridges on SR and SL are also completed now. These ribs are smaller than the center ones, so they will have a different automation solution, since they don’t need any counterweight towers. But it will still be done with Cyberhoist II hoists.

So the complete install of the ribs looks like this. Pretty cool huh?

And here it is, the Cyberhoist operator area on SR. We will put pyro here as well. Monitor is on the opposite side.

Say HELLO to Antonio Antunes, Pedro Mesquita, Joao Fontinha and Sergio Vilela from ESMAE (Escola Superior Musica Artes e Espectaculos).
I met the Principal for ESMAE at the PLASA Show in London last fall. He told me that he had some students that would really benefit from an internship in our production.
So, I set it up with the HR department at RTP, and they are here working with Ruud and his lighting team the whole week! Awesome!

And, according to the new rule in this production, you are not allowed to come and visit the production office without getting a picture taken with my official Eurovision cow.

But wait! There is more! We have a flying version as well! With high vis wings! Safety first! Here hovering over our Head of Sound, Daniel Bekerman!
Daniel’s mother claims that he is the best man in the world! I don’t agree to 100%, but she is not completely wrong, he is pretty awesome!

First telescopic crane came in today! We have a 45′ Moviebird crane on SL, and a 52′ Moviebird on SR. At one point, the directors asked for a 100′ crane. I told them to F off…………

Alexander and the team from Opertec getting ready to install the custom made rail that goes into our stage.

Here is a forest of chains, steels and shackles for all you rigging pervs!

Charlie Gustavsson and Amber Etra from Vari*Lite came by for a visit yesterday! Here they are, plus half of my nose, up in Jerry’s cozy couch at FOH. Lovely people, lovely products!

Today’s walk down memory lane takes us to Istanbul and the year 2004. The back of the set was made with a huge black back projection screen, and the resulotion was 8 x Full HD. Today that is a no brainer, but back in 2004, it was a completely diffent ballgame. Just as yesterday’s clip, it’s directed by Sven Stojanovic and the lighting design was done by Per Sundin. He did the lighting design for the clip from 2005 from yesterday as well, but I completely forgot to mention that! Shame on me!

The sharks in the background created a big fuzz. Even the cleaing ladies had an opinion about this. Most of the producers hated this content, because sharks are not nice animals, but the band thought they looked bad ass, and the band opinion won the battle.


See you tomorrow!

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