April 18

 In Eurovision Diary 2018

Hejsan Hejsan, and welcome to yet another sunny and warm day in Lisbon. If you’ve never been, please come here! It’s an amazing city, filled to the rim with amazing people! We REALLY enjoy it here, and I would like to say THANK YOU to our hosts for taking such good care of us. Really- you are ALL ROCKSTARS!

This morning started off a little on the gray side, but the sun was up by 09:30. First thing for today was to fill the OB compound with stuff. The office containers for the EBU switch, MCR, Voting, Graphics and other fun stuff has been in place for 10 days already.

Say HELLO to Videohouse from Belgium! They are supplying the OB trucks and cameras this year. My first time working with them, but I enjoy it already!

Tobias is the more polite version of Head of Production, so he came to say a proper hello. He even took his helmet off to greet Ief de Jong.

The rude Head of Production showed up minutes later, demanding Belgian Beer and Chocolate……….. Ief asked me to leave his compound…….. I refused……….. because I can…………

Say HELLO to some of the Videohouse crew! They got some cable to run, so better get started!

We have a National Layout Manager, sorry, I mean CAD Muppet working with Tobias Brodd! Say HELLO to Goncalo Salguiro. He brought a new addition to our daily bitterballen party that happens around 16:00 in our office every day.

Snails in garlic and herbs. SO GOOD! Thanks buddy!

Flashlight was EXTREMELY upset that Powershop got bitterballens before them. We fixed that problem today. And this weekend we should compensate further with firing up the smoker!

FAMILY IN TOWN! Say HELLO to my beloved son, Kim Melzig, and his girlfriend Sara Johansson! They decided to come and check out what daddy is doing, and do some proper shopping while being here.

And, then it happened! First lights were turned on yesterday when Jerry and his team started the onsite programming!

We are far from done, but you can already now tell that this will look AMAZING. Very exciting! Can’t wait to see this in camera!

I’m not sure what to say here? Joan? Tobias? Jerry? Anyone?

We had a small oups with the first carpet that was delivered for Greenroom. It was………. how should I say this……….. babypoop blue? Does that paint a picture? Oh well, we got new carpet yesterday, that matches our design book a bit better. The other carpet will be used somewhere else. But I can’t tell you without killing you, and we can’t have that!

Most camera risers are inside the venue now, waiting for be built and positioned. There is a bet going on about how many times our multi camera directors will move these, and lift or lower the height of them, before they are happy.
My bet is on 7 times…………….

Today’s clip takes us back to Kiev in 2005. It’s one of my favorite camera works EVER, directed be the genius and dear friend Sven Stojanovic. Mind you, this was years before we started to use timecode for lighting and que pilot for camera. Old school and awesome!

And another one just for fun…… How can you beat a cow flying in slow motion? Very therapeutic!

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