Sveiki mūzikas mīļotājiem!

Yeah! First official day of load in! Finally, the venue belongs to us, only us, and no one else!

I’ve not heard anything from FOH today, which makes me a bit nervous, regarding yesterday’s report from the virtual studio…….. But I’m sure they are forgiving people, rather than a bunch of evil plan making creators……….


Sorry to interrupt but this is Joan here, Ola’s sweet and PATIENT wife…..to a point. I let Ola borrow my computer to update this page and what does he do? He goes into my Facebook page and writes how I want to buy him guitar amps and a segway! Well HA HA…. I not only take all the photos for this page but I have full administrative access. This is WAY more fun! 😀 

If you like my “special” Ola photo, be sure to comment on our facebook page: What Could Possibly Go Wrong? I’m sure I’ll have more!

This is the Technical Director ladies and gentlemen – Ola Gone Wild.

Now back to your regularly scheduled update. 🙂

So, bright and early we took in all the cherry pickers, lowered all the pre rigged cable and mother grid trusses, and got busy.

Kai was wearing his ultra bright pink socks, just to celebrate the occasion. What is it with him and pink?

While we were at it, we thought that we could hang a couple of speakers as well, as you can see in the background.

Here she is! Jessica Sangre’ is not only the poor girl that has to share life with Calle Brattberg, she is also our catering manager. Besides smiling with huge trays of fruit, she also consults the restaurant in the venue to serve us food that roadies like. But I wonder what happened to all the sauces and dressings that were promised……………

Sofia Andersson Lundberg is Jessica’s left hand, and also, and I’m not kidding, a great hockey player! In fact, right now, she is sitting at O’Learys watching the 4th final game in the Swedish leauge, cheering for Skelleftea to win! I’ll join her as soon as I’m done with this update!

Besides being Jessica’s right hand, you can say the exact same thing about Sanna Lundmark, so I will, and I’ll join her too at the bar in a couple of minutes!

And if you want to find Alex, just go to the cozy coffee/snack corner. He will be SO fat before the end of this production! Mooooooaaaahaaaahaaaaahaaaaa!

These seats are reserved for the vegans in our crew. For some reason, they want to swap……………

Since we now have full access to all areas of the venue, it was time to move the technical production office into its permanent location, in one of the dressing rooms on Stage Right. It’s great to have everyone on site, and in the same room.

Fredrik’s gaffer Angry (Peter Andersson) had to move too – he’s in the office labeled “Make-up/Hair” Which he could use, but it’s really for the delegations dude!

As always, Eurovision attracts a lot of press, and 2013 is no different. Actually it feels like there is an even bigger interest this year than previous. All eyes on us I guess……..So there are more or less interviews with media scheduled every day the next couple of weeks. And it’s just something we’ve to embrace. Otherwise our slogan ‘”We are one”  would have to be ” You can not come in” and that is not really Schlager is it?

Here me and our dear Head of Production, Johan Bernhagen, with a microphone up our nose.

Thanks to Emelie Birgersson/SVT for this photo!


Well………. The game has started, Skelleftea has already scored one goal, so it’s time for me to run!

See you tomorrow!

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