Tere muusikasõpradele!

First of all, I would like to thank my wonderful wife for sharing pictures like the one yesterday with rest of the world. Her shoe account is from now on TERMINATED.

Fight fire with fire……….

By the way! I’ve a question that has been bugging me for a long time: What was the greatest thing BEFORE sliced bread?

Our new office has those ergonomic tables that you can elevate just by pushing a button, if they are plugged in to an outlet. Joan had a blast when she realized that she could actually sit on the table top, and ride up and down.

Revenge! Thomas told the runner that the plastic cups they sell at the grocery store accross the street would fit in my Espresso Machine. I said ¨no way¨ but he insisted, and the runner went away to buy 200 cups that were completely worthless for anything but building plastic cup castles all over Thomas’ desk while he was in a meeting. I’m the eat in creative!

You make it to the front page of the newspaper, and you look like a retard. Good job!

Bertil is still on track with all our trucks. Tomorrow there are 9 coming from Tait with staging. Awesome!

The follow spot buss stops are being built and prepped in the practice hall. We have a 2D cam running all the way through the venue, so we had to divide everything in left and right, including the buss stop. So we’ll have two of these, with three operators in each, doing the front key lighting. In addition to that, we’ve 2 on level five for key light on the satellite stage, and 6 back spots, so 14 in total.

Gustav Ehn, also know as Lasse Gurra Aktersnurra is managing all the radios. We’ve 250 on site, and I’ve not managed to lose one yet! But I managed to misplace my Segway key twice now, and the actual Segway three times……… Can’t win them all………….

All the pre rigged lighting trusses have been rolled into the arena from the practice hall, and are picked up as soon as their hoists are ready.

The rigging in the backstage area is COMPACT! Lighting, sound, video, camera and staging all need a lot of rigging points in this area, and some bits take much longer to get in, and some bits go much faster than estimated. At the 4PM technical production meeting, we were half a day behind schedule. When we left the arena a couple of hours later, we were half a day ahead of schedule. That’s how small margins there are!

The 4PM Technical Production Meeting. At this meeting we gather representives from ALL areas within the production. So it’s my Technical Production Team, SVT Managemet Team, Broadcast, Health & Safety, Gaffer, Transports, Venue, Rigging, Stage Management, Staging & Automation, Props and Backline, Sound, Lights, Video, Pyro, and Generators.


We put the amp in Champions!

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