Hello from the land of banosh! Now to continue catching up on the ongoings here!

Our office is getting more and more crowded. Besides Production, we also have Show and Contest in here, so it’s quite lively. But I still play music very loud in my corner, waving my hooves in the air just like I don’t care!

Tereza Lavrukh and Emmanuel Ita from Riedel handing out lots of radios today. Besides radios, Riedel also does our intercom, our IT and our accreditations, so they are quite busy. We’ll get back to them with a detailed report soon.

All cameras but the Fan Zone rail are in place now, and we will do white balance of them all starting at 13:00 tomorrow so we are ready for technical tests the following day.

Our camera crew arrived yesterday! Here is Oliver Shlüsser fresh from the dentist! Welcome!

And one by one the cameras show up at the multi viewer at Jerry’s work station at FOH. I got one too, but still no time for me to hang at FOH.

Team Appelt continues to plow through all the songs at night time. It’s big, bold and beautiful and will look amazing once it’s all done! Long nights though.

One of these days Joan will stop having coffee at FOH and report on all the guys. Here’s the Gravity/Green Hippo corner up there. We’re using a total 14 Green Hippo Boreal on this show.

Name: Tobias Åberg

Title: Associate Head of Production

OM: Are you afraid of spiders?

TÅ: No. Which is good cause there’s one on your arm.  OM: AAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!

OM: If you had the gift of time travel, where’s the first place you would go?

TÅ: 2 days ago.  OM: Ha ha that’s right you bastard — you got to go home for Easter!

OM: Why do you like me?

TÅ: Do I have to answer that?

Name: Olena Manko

Title: HR Administrator

OM: Do you play any musical instruments?

OM:   ………wait….there’s 2 “OM’s”….we’ll go with “Olena” for interview purposes. Your initials rock by the way.

Olena: Yes, I studied piano for seven years. I can play the song “Da da-da da-da…” (wiggles fingers in the air)   OM: Oh, that’s a good one!

OM: What’s your favorite place you’ve visited?

Olena: Braga, Portugal. I was doing volunteer service in Portugal for 9 months and visited Braga.

OM: Do you have my SIM card yet?

Olena: Tomorrow……maybe.




Why is it that to stop Windows 95, you have to click on “Start”?


So many questions………

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