And the Vlog of the day! I decorated the production office with my flying cow. Roman filmed it in slo-mo…… Click photo to watch. I know……. that vlog thing didn’t really work out as planned……….

Why is it that only adults have difficulty with childproof bottles?


Scooby Doooo!  First off, sorry for the delay yesterday – we had some technical difficulties with the diary so you were watching me dance as a bunny for 2 days. Sorry – we’ll get caught up today!

The adventure in Kyiv contiunes. Just looked at the weather forecast, and the current cold front will hang around for another week or so. Thank you!

Let’s take a quick peek into the wondeful world of Sarah Adams! Hall 1 is the hall in the IEC complex that we got access to at last. This is where we will have the Delegation Bubble, Dressing Rooms, IEM rehearsal studio, Press Center, Press Conference and Fan Areas.

Here is Maryna Kalashnikova whom is head of the Delegation Buble together with our Head of Show Desk Helena Brodén, Vadym Vnukov from our venue management team and Sadams herself!

All containers are placed, our blue carpet is coming in, dressing rooms are almost ready, and we’ll start with lighting and sound tomorrow. It will be AWESOME!

Back in Hall 2 the grandstands are taking shape – here’s the SR side – YELLOW!

Some spaceship seating in the middle? Naaaaaaah, this is the Jon Ola Sand kingdom- the  scrutineer desk, locaded on the stage right grand stand.

And the SL blue side. The commentator boxes will be placed on the very top of this bleacher. 26 on this side, and 26 on the other side. But it will only be one side that has an elevator, so be careful when you pick dear Delegations 🙂

PRG container is back there somewhere buried behind all these cases. At least it used to be there…………

Our helmet station. If you pass this point, you have to have a helmet. And if you don’t own one, we’ll let you borrow one of these orange creations.

So I of course wear my safety-approved cowboy hardhat.  Well……….. actually this picture only exists because Sadams didn’t approve with the one we used for her interview. You know the one with the hilarious kangaroo story……….. girls……… but it is actually a real hard hat I’m wearing!

Cameras are getting set up – we’ll start meeting the crew this week.

Name: Helena Brodén

Title: Head of Show Desk

OM: How many Eurovisions have you done?

HB: (runs to ask Christer….)  12!  OM: Wow that’s almost as many as me! That means we’re cool.  HB: It does?

OM: What’s the best thing you know how to cook?

HB: Tea!   OM: Well then what food you you like to eat?  HB: I guess I figure it out when I look at a menu. I usually don’t even realize I’m hungry until I sit down to eat!  OM: Are you hungry now?  HB: I don’t think so….  OM:  Mmmmmm……ribs…….

Name: Per Arne Janssen

Title: Art Director/Project Manager Set Design

OM: What is the cutest animal you like to eat?

PAJ: I don’t know…..sparrow?  OM: You eat sparrow?  PAJ: I think it could be nice.  OM:  Mmmmm…..ribs…..

OM: When is the last time you got new shoes?

PAJ: Really, this is what you want to know about me?  OM: Very much.  PAJ: 3 weeks ago.  OM:  Wow….that’s awesome!

OM: What’s the last gift you got?

PAJ:Some books from my wife.  OM: Were they dirty books?  PAJ: You are so strange…..

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