Hallo muziekliefhebbers ! I know………. I used this one already, but it’s so damn funny!

Another great day in Malmö has gone by. Sun is shining, catering is good, comfort even better, and we are ahead of schedule. How could things get better?

THIS IS HOW! My wifey is here! Joan Lyman came in yesterday, and will work as our production assistant, and technical media manager. Good to have you here girl!

Spitzenfrattzelbombusterheute came by today again. The police are swinging by every day for a cup of coffee, and to let their bomb dogs check newly arrived gear, to make sure that we’re not bringing something that can go kaaaabooooom into the venue.

Prep continues in the practice hall. Here is a piece of audience lighting truss on its way into the venue.

In two days we’ve rigged more than 1,5 Melodifestival. Not bad, not bad at all.

Not one but TWO hot girls! Our Technical Production Assistant Iveta Procklova, together with Lotta Schiefer from Barco.

Our head of dimmer, Fredrik Stormby trying to figure out things in life. Rumors say that he kept on doing this all night, together with some friends and a bottle of Captain Morgan. Of all booze in the world……. Captain Morgan………….. Really…………… So say it taste just like Old Monk from India………. Not sure I agree…….. But clearly it has the same effect next morning.

Back on the wheels after the accident…….. Have you ever tried to ride a segway in a moving elevator? What a trip!

PDU’s are in their final position, on a balcony connected to the catering, right behind the stage. Our dimmer guys will be SO fat once this show is over, since the coffee table is only 10 meters away.

The not so short cable trusses that will feed all the cables back to the dimmer area.

What a great way to start the morning! A Christer, and a role of duck tape! It’s like a wet dream coming true………… 🙂

And as you can tell, our pixel smurfs working in the 3D studio in Stockholm are very busy with creating content for the show…………. But more of that tomorrow, when I thought we should dig down deep into the lighting FOH.

We are the bee in beer!

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