Salam musiqi həvəskarları !

I guess you read the news of today! If not, CLICK HERE!

And we have plenty of more surprises for you! Trust me, this show will blow your socks off!

Trucks, trucks, trucks…………. There is a constant stream of gear arriving to the Malmö Arena.

Including brand new fixtures from Clay Paky, who is one of our Technical Event Suppliers. Good stuff!

And lookie lookie, among the boxes we found another good old friend. I know, it’s hard to recognize Kai Gerhardt without his pink high vis vest, but I can assure you, it’s him!

Generators has started to arrive too. We’ll have a farm producing a total of 5 mW, and for the first time in the history of Eurovision Song Contest, the generators will run on ECOPAR. Sweden is a forerunner in thinking green, so it’s kind of natural that Ecopar is a Swedish product. We’re just a little better than the rest…………… and modest…………. 🙂

We had to make a couple of holes in the outer arena walls to get all the main cables in from the generator area.

As you can see, the practice hall is filled with gear now, all being prepped for load in.

Klimper and Alex are marking up the spare desks for lighting, that are already on site.

And FIRST case rolling into the actual venue! Floorball is over, and we now have two day shifts and two night shifts to get as much gear into the roof as ever possible, without being in the way of the Eddie Izzard production that moves in Tuesday morning.

So, roll in as much as you can guys, and send it up in the roof! We need the space in the practice hall, since we got more trucks coming tomorrow!

And what do you know, we found another good old friend on the venue floor! Welcome Manfred Jannssen! Good to have you back on the team!

We also found our head rigger flirting with the camera! Ulf Brynte is our headrigger.

And OH BOY did Ulf and his team rig! By the end of the day, we had 160 motors hanging.


We are the AWE in Bloody Awesome!

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