Happy Easter!

For us, yet another day at the venue. But it was a slow day, and it was planned that way, so it was not only due to the party last night. There are rumours about a Scottish man running around in the corridors of our hotel at night, wearing only a towel and shades……………

I told you……..I’M WINNING!!!!

The venue at 12:00PM yesterday.

The stage, and all the ramps to go with it, loaded in this morning, the pile of stuff grows and grows.

All the lights in the scaff are up now, and so is the stage light. Tomorrow we’ll start hanging the Martin LC screen on the scaff, and hopefully the O-lites in the floor.

Stage floor is being built. In the background you can see pieces of the Stealth screen.

The Schnick Schnack crew got more stuff to work with today, here are the ramps embracing the stage.

Someone got creative in the Workshop.

The F.O.H is being rebuilt again, since it was blocking some sight lines for the VIP Guests.

Here is the flight track that the Stealth screen over the stage will be attached to.

Rigging rigging rigging rigging…………..

Apocalyptica is in da house!!!!!

Oh well….. not in our house, but still!

Piece of advice: If these guys tour anywhere near you, GO!!!

We got to know these crazy bunch in Finland 2007, when they were the interval act for the final broadcast, and we’ve been trying to meet up when we are in the same city, ever since.

The band was kind enough to put us on the guest list, and a small delegation of 10 people headed over to the B1 Maximum venue to check out the show.

And here we are in a tiny hall backstage before the band had to hop on a train to St. Petersburg! Back row L to R: Mikko Sirén (drums), Eicca Toppinen (cello), our lovely assistant Victoria, Paavo Lötjönen (cello), Joan, Perttu Kivilaakso (cello), Philip (Dr. Love). Front L to R: Yves Winand , Pekka Martti (Desk Magician for Apocalyptica), and Leif Niederhüfner (our sound dude).


A GIANT THANK YOU to Pekka for putting us on the guest list and taking care of us! Pekka was FOH for Eurovision 2007 in Helsinki and one HELL of an operator!!

I hate when that happens!

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