Whoop whoop! We’re in the final week kids!

First I wanted to show off our media servers – cozy in their corner up at FOH. We’re of course using the Green Hippo Boreal! These will process the content produced by 10 people, served up on 1000 sqm of LED screen with 71 000 002 pixels resolution!

Sebastian Huwig and Nick The Greek (Nick Charalampidis) have decided to use Green Hippo as their preferred Playback solution for ESC2017 due to the enormous amount of video tools that the server is packed with. For this project they also used SHAPE to Map the Arches with 3 different UV maps which is being controlled via DMX control to have the ability to change the look and feel of the Arches. Also SHAPE is being used for 3x more delegations to cover the needs of complex 3D Models. MANet and Timecode on Layer are used to to control the layers and have 100% accurate show as well and 0 delays.

16x Hippotizer V4 Boreals
9x Active
7x Backup
35x Active HD Outputs
168x Video Layers
Over 72 Million Pixels
3x 33×33 Lightware Matrixes
2x Avitech Titan 9000 Multiviewers

Hippos and control being provided by SSR Beacon Digigobos AB and FIX8Group / Pixelfield / Bright / Trust Rental

Gravity is making most of the content for the delegations. We’ll talk to them separately this week. Stay tuned!

Thanks Nick!

Here he is: Nick Charalampidis or “Nick the Greek” – our lead media man.

Nick Hansen sits next to the Greek. He describes his position as “a weird one….I sit between Jerry’s team, Nick and Gravity (our content team). I’m basically the No2 video programmer and I think the title they’ve given me is Delegation specials programmer.” Love it.

Yay Marco! Not only did Unbranded and Marco de Koff bring us bags and bags of bitterballen, we got a deep fryer too! Now we just need to schedule the bitterballen party!

Yesterday was a short day because at 17:00, I had to walk the red carpet for the official opening party at Euroclub. The third floor has a nice balcony, the weather was perfect, and the crowd was looking good!

Wifey getting some nice selfies. Here with Jasmine Wilkenloh (L) and Kerstin Hahn (center) from Digame.

And here’s my BFF Måns Zelmerlöw with Edward af Sillén, our script writer in Stockholm last year. Hejsan kompis!

Our good friends from having a drink with Michael Soul, one of the background singers for Belarus. Michael’s vocal coach is Petr Elfimov, who performed “Eyes that Never Lie” for Eurovision 2009.

I need this earring!

Joan also managed a selfie with Slavko Kalezić for Montenegro. His pigtail is over a meter long!

And then she couldn’t get a taxi out of the party so she hitched a ride with the Belarus delegation. Thanks for taking care of her guys!


Is there a speed of smell?


So many questions……..

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