May 17


Hejsan hoppsan and all that stuff! Ok, it’s getting closer! Second semi final is done and dusted and we have another 10 countries ready for the Grand Final! Yesterdays broadcast went by without any major oups and we are ready to blow your sockis off with a very spectacular Grand Final on Saturday.

Today we’ll take a closer look at a very important part of this production. With 16 998 976 pixels in our video canvas, it’s safe to say that the video boys are playing a HUGE part in this show. Or BONDERLAND as we call them. This is their story!

Just like lighting, the Bonderland moved into the virtual studio on M floor in Mid March. We kept them locked up as animals in a cage for a month, before we let them back out in reality! Here is Jonathan Frixo whom is our Integration Programmer.

Matthias Reuhl is looking after the Media servers and is our system technician

Didier Lachance is our PixMob operator. We use pixmob bracelets to bring our audience to life!

We bought a total of 26 500 branded bracelets for our shows and rehearsals, and the audience gets to keep them as a souvenir afterwards.

Jamie Sunter is our Disguise media server Specialist. We are using Disguise 4×4  Pro Media Servers for our show.

From left to right,  Oren Gabay our video programmer, Yahav Tenne our Video an Stage technologies deputy and Gwilym Huws our video programmer.

In the far back Bonder is watching over his kingdom while Avital and Danit desperatly trying to keep this wild bunch in order. And Meytal is desperatly trying to stop Bonder from buying all the stuff I suggest that he should buy!

But wait! There is more! We are using augmented reality too! We took a decision early on to only use this effect in our openings and interval acts and not do it in contest. It has been working very well, and I believe that this technology is ready to be brought into the contest part as well. Something to consider for the host broadcaster for next year for sure! Here is David Stroud our AR Technical Operator from The Future Group whom is providing us with a turn key solution for this.

Gard Svendsen is on of our CG Artists.

Here is Frank Daniel Moen Vedvik our, second CG artist working hard!

While our Tracking Supervisor Dragomir Marasovic is making sure that everything is working smooth.

I just to show you this! Alexandro Kröger does a LEGO replica of our stage every year. I just got this on the mail! He’s ready! It is SO cool!!!! There is a video coming too next week!

We say WELCOME TO THE GRAND FINAL to the following countries! And enjoy some more pictures from our amazing Production Photographer Ralph Larmann!











Who will win? Well, we’ll know that 28 hours from now!

Stay tuned!

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