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I hope you enjoyed last night’s broadcast! Europe never stops surprising me with their voting!  We DID have some problems yesterday……. There is a VIP tent right outside the venue, with a corridor leading out to it. That means that the load-in doors on the south side must be open, and that causes A LOT of problems with the fog inside the venue. We’re looking into ways of solving it, since it is vital for the lights that the fog works. There were at least two countries that I was SURE would make it to the final, that didn’t make it, but I guess that is a part of the charm with this show, you never know!

But there is ONE thing that I’m sure of!


Here is a pretty cool shot of the Generator village from above.

My good friend Kjell Ekholm from Finland, a  member of the EBU reference group, with Julian Vignoles from Ireland, who is also a member.

Bulgaria in the microphone area, before their performance. They worked hard, but it didn’t help, they are not in the final.

But these two guys are! The fire jugglers from Finland.

The opening act of the First Semi-Final was a fairytale, which was not only being told, but also illustrated by a legendary animal, called Firebird, landing on the stage from the ceiling. Two children dressed like angels (played by the Tolmachevy Twins, the winners of the 2006 Junior Eurovision Song Contest) stepped down from it once it has reached the floor. Then the presenters, Natalya Vodyanova and Andrey Malakhov, open the show. On stage, there was a stylized tree decorated with balloons depicting the flags of all participating countries. Cute!

Here’s the girls during rehearsals.

And here’s Firebird flying down last night, all lit up!

Me and Bo Wahlberg at our hide out during rehearsals and shows. Do NOT tell any of the delegations about this !

The winners on stage! Congratulations to Portugal, Israel, Armenia, Iceland, SWEDEN, Finland, Malta, Romania, Bosnia&Herzegovina and Turkey!

I might bring one of the Romanian girls back home to Sweden……..

The nice thing about this site is that I do NOT have to be politically correct at all times, and just because of that, I can already now tell you who will win this show! Is it true? YES! Yohanna from Iceland will nail this for sure! Trust me, a STAR is born!

Hey! I’ll be damned! I turned into Lordi over night? I’ve been wondering if there would be any side effects after Eurovision 2007, and I guess they finally caught up with me…………

You can also Eurovision yourself!

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Über fun!

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