May 11

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Hejsan Hejsan and Scooby Dooooooooo! 3 days to first broadcast…….. what could possibly go wrong?????

Jerry Appelt is in da house! He will host guided tours in his tunnel of love every day between 12:00-14:00 starting from tomorrow. Be there or be ………. not romantic!

We have an enormous amount of tools in the creative toolbox this year. Here are the lasers we use for Switzerland. They put on a hell of a show with a hell of a song. There is a huge risk that Jon Ola Sand can take his bike from home to the arena next year!

Here is Sweden on stage with the video walls opened just enough to let beams through from the back wall.

When we open up the wall fully, we reveal no less than 527  Ayrton MagicBlades . It’s truly a site for sore eyes!

You can also bring your own sand painter and put her work on the LED screen if you like. This is what Moldova is doing.

Or you can do like Greece and bring a lotus flower that expands with the help of video content.

Or you can add pretty much every color in the world to your performance and hope that will do the trick.

The only thing we know is that one of the many tricks we are doing will lead to the victory for one of the 41 contestants. Or maybe not. Look at Portugal in 2017! Not a single trick, and still a win. So, you never know, and we are absolutely clueless where this show will go in 2020. It’s all up to you viewers to decide!

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