May 03

 In Eurovision Diary 2018

Hejsan hejsan! Less than 10 days to go to the Grand Final! Huhhhhhhga!

Rehearsals are starting to get crowded! We have A LOT of backstage tours this year. 100’s of visitors on a daily basis.

Even the Swedish Embassy came to visit us yesterday. Here is the Ambassador Caroline Fleetwood and Deputy Head of Mission, Sten Engdahl catching up with Sweden’s finest – Benjamin Ingrosso! Recognize the last name? You should! Benjamin’s cousin is Sebastian Ingrosso from Swedish House Mafia!

Sietse Bakker came by to steal some of my Estonian gold coin candy. I think he was back last night to take the whole box, because it was not on my desk this morning. Criminals…………

Philipp Kirkorov in da house! His birthday was on Monday – Happy Birthday! He’s actually younger than me and wildly famous – considered the Elvis of the Soviet Union. Now he’s written many successful Eurovision songs including this year’s ‘My Lucky Day’ sung by DoReDoS representing Moldova.

Azerbaijan on stage today with Aisel on stage singing ‘X My Heart’.

Eugent Bushpepa singing ‘Mall’ for Albania

Belgium returns again this year with another strong song – Sennek singing ‘A Matter of Time’.

Mikolas Josef from Czech Republic had his second rehearsal today singing ‘Lie To Me’. Poor guy hurt his back during the first rehearsal but he seems to be in top form now. How nice to be young — I’d be in bed for a month if I tried to do a flip.

Here’s Netta from Israel singing ‘Toy’ complete with 112 fortune cats and lots of bubbles! They gave me one fortune cat for good luck and it seems to be working because everything is fantastic!

Alekseev sings ‘Forever’ for Belarus and gets one of our custom stage lifts. This song gets better and better every time we rehearse it. But then again, that goes for most of the songs. And this is exactly why we spend so many days in rehearsals.

Estonia’s Elina Nechayeva with the song ‘La Forza’ gets video projections on her dress. I told you there would be some video! It looks POPTASTIC!

Here is another one that looks fantastic! Moldova from 2013.

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