Hejsan hejsan! Hope all is good with you all. We are still in interval and opening rehearsals, so we can’t show you much from inside the arena. If we do, you know the drill, we would have to kill you, and we can’t have that.

The exterior of the IEC has been under a massive facelift the past week. This is the crew entrance where we enter complete darkness every day. Outside, it’s above 20° and sunny.

Across the plaza to the right is the press entrance into hall 1. We are expecting 1550 journalists from 42 countries, so there are going to be quite a lot of people with cameras and microphones here soon. But please note, if you show up with a wireless mic you’ll be stripped of your accreditation and kicked out of here faster than you can say backpfeifengesicht!

We’ll get back to you with the proper report about all the miracles within hall 1 soon!

We’ll do a second mapping of the video projection covering our stage arc tonight to make sure that everything is perfectly aligned, and then that part is ready too, together with everything else.

We’ll do a detailed cover about our entire OB and camera set up as well. We have a total of 20 cameras for the show, including this 2D cam that decided to come down and visit us living creatures on the floor earlier today.

Oh crap…….. I’m not too good at keeping secrets am I…………. One of our performers for the interval acts for the Grand Final is Ruslana. For those of you that didn’t know, she won the contest back in 2004, and was the reason for me spending the entire fall of 2004 in Kyiv, and the whole spring of 2005 as well. No complaints from my side! I love this girl to death!

We’re not only busy with programming the stage lighting, audience lighting is just as an important part of everything we do, since the idea is to bring the lighting design from stage out into the audience.

After the special about Unbranded the other day, they have become SO popular that they had to build barricades around their compound to get some peace. And how can anything but pink PPE be better on Eurovision Song Contest?


Why is it that REALLY famous people are always born on holidays?

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