Welcome to Moscow Russia – home of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest! I’m Ola Melzig, Production Manager for lights, sound, video and rigging used in this show. If you’ve read the diary in the past, you know the drill. I’ll update daily to let our loved ones back home know what we’re up to each day, and also to show you technical junkies what it takes to put together a show of this size.

You’ll notice some changes to the site this year. First off, we moved addresses, so I’m glad you found us! Also, we’re getting back to basics. Two years ago we went a bit wild with the diary from Helsinki and it was taking far too much time. But I promise it will still be entertaining!


But I guess that the biggest news is that I’m here, representing Procon, one of the largest technical providers for the entertainment industry in the world!

This is of course a great honor, and something that I’m very proud and excited over!

And for those of you out there that are visiting for the first time and maybe don’t even know what Eurovision is all about, may I suggest you visit www.eurovision.tv – the official website for all things Eurovision! Tell them Ola sent you Wink


Our first broadcast will be on May 12, when we air the first semi final, the second semi final airs on May 14, and then finally, the Grand Final airs on May 16 (my birthday) and will have 43 countries participating.


As our lighting designer Al Gurdon says, It’s gonna be POP-TASTIC!!!!!!!

Enjoy the ride!


After all……… It IS the Eurovision………….


Ola Melzig.


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