Pre-production Update 4

Pre-production Update 4

Yiiiiiiiiiiiiiikes! A week sure flies by really fast, especially when we are running as fast as we are at the moment, in order to tie up all loose ends, and prepare for our six week stay in Malmoe! And all of a sudden you realize that it’s time to do a new update. And here it is!

Pretty much from the very first day, we implemented a pixel ban in this production. We were just SO tired of seeing pixels in the background of artists, and wanted to go in another direction. Quite ironic actually, since I personally was one of them, creating the LED wall monster we see on pretty much every show today, and Eurovision has been one of the major catalysts for it. We scribbled on the very tip of the iceberg when we based the entire look of the Eurovision on projection, back in 2002 and 2004, but there is SO much more you could do, while yet another show, with yet another LED screen seemed like a dead end. But to do this, we needed a BIG ASS projector, that could compete with all the moving lights. Thank God, Barco just released one! The HDQ 2K40 ladies and gentlemen! It’s the size of a bus, the weight of a tank, and the price tag of a Ferrari. I’ll have 28 pcs please!

During our final test at Mediatec, who is not only supplying us with all projectors, but also are doing the whole OB (outside broadcast) part for us, we put it up against a couple of high res (4-5mm) LED screens. The image to the right is the projected one. Not bad, not bad at all, and for sure plenty for what we want to do. And no, I was not kidding! We’re actually using 28 of them in our show.

Besides being very tired of pixels in shot, there is another problem with LED screens. These are four different types of screens, projecting the same content. See what I mean?

While in the Gothenburg area to visit Mediatec, we also took a second look on Holograms at 3D tec facilities just around the corner. Here is our second Lighting Designer Emma Landare, flirting with a holographic guy with a violin. Hang on! Do we have TWO lighing designers???? Yes, we DO! While Fredrik is focusing on the songs, Emma will take care of the Openings, Interval Acts, Voting and Greenroom. We do the same split on the Melodifestivalen, and it works GREAT!

And Mikki LOVES the holograms! Sometimes this man scares me………..:-)

Welcome to the heart of it all, the command central, the productive hub, the center of universe, where dreams comes true, and nothing is impossible!
We call it Stenskjulet (stone shed), and it is our office.

The shed holds many many secrets, but also a couple of cosy corners, where you can cuddle up with the pillows and have a meeting, or a nap!
From left to right: Our Executive Producer Martin Österdahl, two of our Production Mangers: Johanna Bendtsen & Annika Zahr, and our Head of Production: Johan Bernhagen.

We also found a room upstairs for our set designers Frida & Viktor, where they could lock themselves in and be creative in peace and quiet. But sometimes someone manages to sneak in for a chat, like here, when Daniel and our second Camera Director Robin Hofwander stopped by to discuss steady cam ramps.

Hang on! Did I just say SECOND camera director???? Yes I DID! We do the same split there, as on lighing desingers! One for the songs and one for openings, interval acts, voting and greenroom. In fact, we actually have double production teams as well. We believe that the actual show deserves as much attention as the competing songs. Anyway, here is Tobias getting his morning make up! I knooooooooooow…… he hates me for taking this picture. But I’m determined to give you the full truth, and nothing but the truth of this production!


Do not forget: An apple a day, keeps you healthy wealthy and gay!

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