May 9


Mamma Mia! What a day! All the managers in this production were called to a VERY important meeting at 10:30 this morning, to be informed about a VERY important visitor, that would come to the venue later during the day.


Mr Vladimir Putin himself decided to pay us a visit!

So here’s my big chance to meet Mr.Putin, and AL calls me on the intercom……….

But the fame didn’t stop with Mr Putin! Right after he left, Patricia Kaas came. She is performing for France this year with a BEAUTIFUL song called Et S’il Fallait Le Faire.

And there is MORE! Mr. Pavlo Grytsak is in da house! If you know your Eurovision, you know that Pavlo was the Executive Producer in Kyiv, back in 2005. He is here, working with the Azerbaijan Delegation, just as last year.

And here is his assistant from 2005, Miss Svitlana Bazhanova. She on the other hand, is still working for the Ukraine delegation. So could I……. Is Svetlana Loboda HOT or what???

Azerbaijan is the winner of the second semi final if you ask the press that is here, covering the event. I really like their song Always, performed by AySel and Arash. It’s quite cool……… Arash is from Iran, but he moved to Sweden at the age of 10, and he lives in my hometown Malmö. All cool people in Sweden comes from Malmö……… all the others are like seagulls, the just make a lot of noise and litter everywhere……. Especially Henke………..

Germany is in da house! Since I’m working for Procon, I need to say: GO GERMANY! But I would do that anyway, since I really like the song!

Greece on stage! Great song, great performance!

Kerrie-Ann is getting quite tired of my potato jokes, so I will stop with them! My new trick is to poke her with a pen at all times……..she doesn’t like that either…….

To avoid ugly tape marks for instruments, risers, monitors etc, we are projecting the stage plot for each country on the LED floor. We have a guy with a laptop doing the marks on the stage during the rehearsals, and once we are in show mode, we’ll switch the output on the screen from the media servers, to this laptop, that will show the stage plot for the change over crew during the 30 seconds that the post card runs between each country. Andrew Loyd Webber will actually sit behind this piano and play during the UK performance!

Spain going at it!

The Alphacam team working hard at “Mockba Beach”

AND HERE THEY ARE! Knut, Hedvig and Elton! Our Swedish Eurovision Babies!


I’m telling you! Haven’t been to catering for two weeks! I’m eating so much KFC, feathers are starting to to grow out of my ass!


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