привет любителям музыки

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Yet another day in the dream factory has come to an end. And the success continues. I’ve NEVER experienced so few remarks from delegations for changes on lighting, video content or camera in my entire life!


But I’m afraid that I’ve to start with some REALLY bad news! Our mascot is dead. It happened this afternoon. I guess he went left, where he should have turned right, and the poor guy smashed into the glass……

Israel on stage. I knoooooooooooooooow, it’s pretty! Great song, great performance, and a magic atmosphere created on stage with lighting and projection. Eurovision at its best.

We decided to paint with a different brush for Armenia. This is one of the few rock songs we have in the show, and we thought we should go all in on lighting, and actually completely skip video content in this song. And my good friend Vahagn, who came with the delegation as a lighting consultant, completely agreed.

Then we changed brush again for Hungary, who has a very colorful animated look.

Norway is one of my absolute favorite songs this year. And the performance looks stunning. Go Sharpy Go!

Albania was also kind enough to come with a rock song. We do have content in this song, but lighting and pyro plays the bigger part, as you can see.

We even put pyro in the guitar. How KISS of us 🙂

Georgia had a waterfall in their song, but we actually decided to cut it, since it didn’t add anything to the song. Some times less is more.

Switzerland got a warm country style look to their cute little pop song. The guy with the contra base is 85 YEARS OLD! I’m sure it’s a Eurovision record. Or was one of the Russian ladies from last year older?

Go Grandpa!!

And how else to end a successful day than with a pink cotton candy Cosmo and Fridays?


Love you long time, and see you kids tomorrow!

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