May 8


OK we all know the drill now…..say it loud, say it proud: MORE REHEARSALS! Artists and press EVERYWHERE! You really have to be careful with what you say around here these days…… Me and Henke came up with a new sport the other day, when one of us is being interviewed by a television company, the other one does his best to disturb, do funny faces, fart really loud, and anything else that will get the other one off track. VERY FUNNY! Too bad that Henke is much better at this game than me…………. Oh yeah, I almost forgot! I’m CANADIAN! I changed sides after Sweden losing in Ice Hockey yesterday. Seriously guys, don’t quit your daytime job!

The second run-throughs get more interesting, as artists wear their stage clothes and show off special effects…

…including PYRO!!!

So Pyroman is from Finland, and Finland is on stage. What to do?? No, this isn’t quite enough…..The stage is still standing… COME ON MARKKU! You can do even MORE!


While the artists are working hard on the stage and the steady cams try to stay out of the flames, me, Svante and Henke are playing chess in front of the stage….

Here’s what we had to resort to while the radios weren’t working properly. Al’s Skype to Peter with a note: SPOT 2 YOU WANKER

Green room going up

This is where Holiday Inn puts up their sheet for drying.

McSadburger in the press cafeteria.

Here’s Ireland!! We suggested potato graphics. They didn’t like it, so we’ll go with leprichans instead!

Hahahahaha! Marketing by fear! New concept! Kids go wild over this shit!

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