Axsaminiz Xeyirr

SUMMER IS HERE! At least today! Let’s see how long it lasts! We enjoyed ourselves with various crash tests today. All went fine, and we are now ready for dummie rehearsals that start tomorrow! In short, we are happy as a Norwegian on a pair of skis!

Al and Theo are enjoying the sun at the patio outside the catering.

So are Simon and Cille.

Meanwhile, me and Joan were working hard in the catering! But why????

And Uwe, Zorro and Ulf were putting out chairs and tables in a party tent……. What’s cooking??

The plot thickens! After catering duty, Joan was sweeping a wooden deck!?

IT IS TIME FOR THE PRG BBQ!!!!! And this is our view! To die for!!!! Matthias asked if I could help him arrange this, and since I’m the biggest sucker for BBQ in the world, the answer was YES! Radisson Blu Park Hotel are just the BEST! They take SUCH good care of us! Normally, the crew bbq takes place at the venue, IF the fire marshal agrees.  But since our Hotel is down by the fjord, I thought I’ll take my chances and ask the management of the hotel, if we could use their beach patio for this event. And they said: YES! Thanks a million guys! This wouldn’t have been such a great night as it turned out to be, without your cooperation!

Kim, Hasse, Matthias and Elisabeth having a good time.

Look at Martin! He HATES charcoal grills, and he was NOT impressed with me, when I used a hair dryer to get the fire started. He claims that real men use gas grills…… Please tell him otherwise on our Facebook page!

How can you NOT love this evening!?  It was a well deserved break for the entire production crew, and it was great to see them all relax and enjoy the evening.

More happy people eating, eating, eating. Joan asked one of the guys if he had tasted everything and he said, “Twice!”

Not a sad face in sight!

Even the bitter Finns smiled today!

Matthias where he likes to be, behind the grill, with tons of stuff to put on the grill.

And, it was Mirko’s BIRTHDAY! He turned 27……again………..! He’s been trying to find Red Bull ever since he got here, three weeks ago, without success. We sent out the runner to find some, and we were able to give Mirko 12 cans as a birthday gift. I think they lasted less than an hour!

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil…. So would that be a lighting guy, a sound guy and uh……a nun?

Annette and Heidi know EXACTLY what to bring to a bbq party!

Grill grill grill!

We had 10 kg of garlic and parsley chicken, 10 kg of honey bbq pork,8 kg of chili ginger garlic scampi, 4 kg of chorizo, stuffed mushrooms, corn on the cob and veggie burgers on the menu. Me, Matthias and Martin split in shifts and were grilling stuff  for 4 hours!!!!

Aidan, Theo, Chris and Matthias smiling big for the camera.

Hey, a pile of Islanders, and Dana!

Yes, I know…… What is this man doing here you ask yourself……. So do I! John, pleeeaaase come back! Martin Fruck is so evil to me! Wink

Olaf and Michael having a good time!

Al and Chris enjoying the evening.

Svenja and Joan doing the “Warm your buns on the fire” dance?????

We ended the night with a big bonfire on the beach! I left at midnight, but rumours say that the party is still on!


You know that you worked with events too long when:

1* You only find black t-shirts in your wardrobe

2* You have more than 30 pair of underwear

3* You no longer look at shorts as casual wear, but recognize them being almost formal wear.

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