In Eurovision Diary 2018

Hejsan hejsan! Sorry about the late update today! Had a show to do………….

I’m sure you heard the rumors, so lets confirm them! Yes, Will Ferrell is here, and so is Andrew Steel! They happened to be in town for another project, and decided to hang out with us a couple of days. Yes, this might be my coolest morning coffee EVER!

More famous people! But in a different field! Here is Ralph-Jörg Wezorke (left), his son Phillip (right) and Markus Janning (center) from MA Lighting. Thank you for all your wonderful support guys!

Melanie is geared up for our first audience dress rehearsal and and also to introduce our PYRO team, Luso Pirotécnia. She used to work with them, which is how we first met her on a dusty hilltop in Puebla, Mexico!

Luso Pirotécnia is a fantastic Portuguese pyro company known for magnificent fireworks and a unique way to present the art of pyrotechnics. I always feel very lucky when we find fantastic talent locally! Meet the team L to R: Tomas, Sergio, João Paula, Paul, Vitor, Xavier, Vera, Dario, Hugo, João, Bruno and Nelson on the floor! Great job guys!

Paul preps the CO2 tanks.

A bit of nice fog for Armenia and oh yeah we had audience in the house for the first time last night!

But the initial tests were actually the most fun – they blew off everything!


And here’s a bit of a waterfall. I don’t know why they call it a waterfall because it’s actually a fire fall….

Sparklers for UK

Smoke bombs for Czech Republic

And how appropriate… fire for Cyprus!

But there’s lots more to come see you just have to keep watching!

Clip of the day is keeping with the pyro theme!

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